Product Hunt Weekly Digest
October 23rd, 2016

The anti-productivity collection. We’re sorry 😊
Anti-Productivity Hunts
Happy Monday! Time to start the most productive week of your life with this productivity-killing distractions:

👾 The Internet Arcade (900+ classic arcade games, no quarters required)
🐍 Snake on a Chrome: The classic game, now in your browser
🖥 Giphy Tab: Ridiculous GIFs in every new Chrome tab
😎 Netflix Super Browse: Let's you pick Netflix's secret genres
😡 Annoisli: Listen to screaming babies and sirens at work

We apologize in advance for all the time that will be lost. For more, check out the Anti-Productivity collection on Product Hunt. 😜
Are you going to Web Summit in November? The Portugal Product Hunt community is organizing a meetup, and we'll be there! Join us and grab a selfie with Ryan Hoover. 📸🇵🇹
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