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February 1st, 2018

"There’s something special when an online community meets in real life. Bonds formed over a mutual interest become cemented as you put a face to a Twitter or Product Hunt handle." – Erik Torenberg

We agree. Last week, we hosted 1,000+ Product Hunters at our Official San Francisco meetup, complete with a LED ping pong table, free-flowing LaCroix and Philz, and VR games. The pictures look dope.

We even gave away a CryptoKitty, one of the infamous blockchain-based digital cats that broke Ethereum this summer. 👀

Want to host your own Product Hunt meetup in your city? Let us know! We'd love to help with some sweet Product Hunt swag. 👕😻

Our meetup wouldn't have been possible without our awesome friends at:

🕵️‍♂️ Google Play — If you’re building an Android app you should know about Google Play’s Start on Android program which can help you recruit early beta testers, get direct UI/UX feedback from Google experts, potential Play store featuring, and $20k in Google Cloud and Firebase credits. Learn more here.

👥 Zendesk — Used by Airbnb, Slack and Peloton, this well-known support platform just launched a new program, offering a year of free services for startups that are just getting off the ground. Details here.

⌨️ Grammarly — Grammarly helps make your writing be more clear, effective, and error-free wherever you type. Their secret discount on their Premium plan.

🔍 Algolia— We’ve been using Algolia to power Product Hunt’s search for years. It’s awesome.

🗣️ Intercom— We’re big fans of Intercom and use it to chat with the Product Hunt community every day.

📦 Omni— Rent and store anything with Omni. We even rented a karaoke machine using their new peer-to-peer rental platform. It was glorious.

💬 Spoke— TFW your run out of LaCroix in the office: 😭. Spoke helps team’s manage office requests all within Slack.

Spotify launched an experimental, radio-based music app yesterday. Most shocking: it's only on Android, so 99% of San Francisco can't try it. 😂
What if your sunglasses were also your headphones? The second most sold smart glasses in the world.
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