Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 31st, 2017

The biggest hackathon in history starts today 😛
More Hackathon Ideas 💡
Today we’re kicking off a month-long, online, global hackathon! This is the biggest hackathon in the history of hackathons, if you don't count NASA's International Space Apps Challenge (we think).

Quick stats: There are over 4,000 participants across 124 countries, and over $250,000 in prizes up for grabs. This is a true testament to the global Product Hunt community. 🌏 😻

If you're looking for teammates: Mubs built a site that connects hackers from around the world. Join the official hackathon Facebook Group which has over 900 members/potential teammates as of now.

If you're looking for an idea: there's an API for everything, and take a look at the thread of most requested side projects (and feel free to add your own ideas!)

Fun fact: More than 50% of participants said they want to build something for social good when they signed up. 🙏


Potential hackathon ideas to work on:

📞 On-demand empathy. When feeling down, depressed, or lonely press a button and receive a call from a kind human.

🤖 A bot to diversify your Twitter following. A bot that intros two people with different backgrounds (geo, demo, etc.) that share interests.

💰 Amazon Dash Buttons for charities. A physical button that donates $5 to select charities (e.g. @charitywater) when pressed.

✏️ Genius for crypto. Community-powered whitepaper annotations and analysis for upcoming ICOs.

💦 Soylent for sparkling water. Open sourced bubbly beverages to compete with LaCroix.

Big thanks to AWS, Stripe, Slack, Dribbble, Girls in Tech, Indie Hackers, Google Assistant, Glitch, and TechCrunch for being a part of this. 🙌
Big News: 21 just rebranded to! The company, co-founded by Balaji Srinivasan, lets people earn money for replying to emails and and completing tasks. If you want to get into the crypto space, is hiring designers, data scientists, and engineers.
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