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October 24th, 2017

Amazon wants to let strangers into your home 👀
Amazon Key 🔑
This morning Bezos and team announced Amazon Key, an in-home camera and smart lock. As expected, the news was met with hugs and disgust.

“Hell no. There’s no way I’m letting a stranger into my home.” – 😐 Person on the Internet.

Regardless of your position, Amazon’s chess move to get a key to your door is brilliant. This gives the “A” in FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) a gateway to in-home services, including:

🍎 Grocery delivery
🐶 Dog walking
✨ House cleaning
👵 Elderly care
🛠 Home repairs

Amazon’s playing a very long game. The seeds planted today will enable a new wave of exciting (and society altering) automation as robots clean your home, walk your dog, and deliver eggs.

If you’re looking for a security camera but not ready to give strangers a key to your home, check out this $19.99 smart camera. It’s #3 on Product Hunt today.
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