Product Hunt Weekly Digest
December 23rd, 2018

RIP Photoshop
Hack Photoshop

Last week, launched and blew our minds.

“This is a huge time-saver for stock photos.” - Trish 

“No more stupid work in photoshop 🕶” - Dariusz 

“I was fully expecting this not to work, but it did it pretty much perfectly.” - Dan is a simple tool that removes the background of any photo in 5 seconds.

According to the Maker Benjamin Grossing, was originally part of a bigger app, but they decided to release it as a standalone tool since removing photo backgrounds can get superrr tiresome. We're anxious to see what the “bigger app” might be....

Until then, some of the most recent photo editing tools out there to play around with this week: 

📸 Lensa will improve your selfies with AI 

📸 Affinitiy is a professional photo editing tool for your iPad 

📸 Artini is a photo app for the ~artist~ in you 

📸 Luminar is superrr easy to use and has AI editing features built in 

📸 Lightroom — because it's a classic


Cue the 2018 reflection, it's almost the new year.

But we've decided to run a little experiment ahead of 2019. Instead of evaluating your old routines and habits, recognize the people and products that made a difference to you this year. And then give them a shout out here! 🎉