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May 17th, 2022

Hipmunk team publicly launches new flight search engine

What do chipmunks and penguins have in common? This time, it’s founders and early employees. We’re talking about sunsetted travel metasearch engine Hipmunk and its recently launched successor, Flight Penguin.

If you’ve been around the tech space long enough, you might remember Hipmunk and its distinct flight search design. The service got acquired by corporate expensing platform Concur in 2016 and shut down four years later, in 2020, after co-founders Steve Huffman (Reddit CEO) and Adam Goldstein tried to buy it back.

Flight Penguin launched yesterday on Product Hunt as a browser extension. Similar to Hipmunk, flights are shown visually over a timeline, each color representing an airline with layovers in-between. They can be sorted by pain (think long layovers), price, and convenience. The community seems to be particularly excited about the launch: “Some of us were dying a little inside every time we booked a flight without Hipmunk. Flight Penguin may just revive us,” someone commented.

News about Flight Penguin appeared last year when access was limited by a waitlist. Now that it has been lifted, the team is running a crowdfunding campaign for early users that kicks off today at 12 PM EST. “Adam and I were both extremely frustrated that Hipmunk was shut down. There's no one else out there with as compelling of a user experience. We figured out how to address the failures of Hipmunk while building on the great legacy of successes in building Flight Penguin,” Max Morlocke, co-founder and CEO of Flight Penguin shares on Wefunder.

With flights sorted on Flight Penguin and several new options for unique stays on the new Airbnb, all that’s left is to decide on a location. Shepherd’s hut in the British countryside? Vineyard villa in Tuscany? Sign us up.

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Venn (which is Norwegian for "friend") helps you find nearby new friends based on common interests and preferences.

“We soft launched in late 2021 and have reached over 20.000 new friendships connected prior to any marketing or advertising efforts. We already see an impact of the tools being adopted and put to use, it seems that a lot of people have been wanting and missing for non-dating activities,” the maker shared.

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