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March 30th, 2022

The state of burnout in tech

Two in five workers show signs of burnout.

That’s one of the insights the Yerbo team found from surveying 30,000 participants for The State of Burnout in Tech 2022.

The team built an interactive way of looking at how the syndrome fuels turnover, particularly in tech companies. While we love watching and documenting makers’ hustle to launch great products, it’s important to recognize the tell-tale signs of burnout. The report identifies these as exhaustion, self-inefficacy, cynicism, and depersonalization, referring to them as “the ghosts of burnout.”

Meet the techman – “(they) love what they do, but feel pressured to work long hours, which leaves little time for personal life and creates work-life conflicts,” researchers explained. A few interesting findings point to some differences in how burnout affects different people. Women seem to be more affected, with “69% feeling run-down and drained, compared to 56% of men.”

You might think those in leadership positions are less vulnerable due to a higher sense of achievement. Well, you’d be wrong. The research shows there’s not a significant difference between ICs (34.5%) and managers (30.5%).

Looking out for the well-being of employees is no doubt the most efficient way to avoid chronic workplace stress, and there are tools out there that can help.

Quan identifies the root cause of well-being problems and points to the most effective solutions for managers and teams.

🧘 Cuely provides 1-min guided exercises delivered through Slack to help you stay well throughout the day.

🛁 Proof of Self Care encourages you to take a break and do some act of self-love.

What do you think? Do you identify with those two in five workers? Go ahead and…


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