Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 2nd, 2022

10+ nostalgic apps and websites for Throwback Thursday

When times get tough, it’s easy to get nostalgic for older, simpler days. Or at least for the things that brought us joy back then.

Every once in a while, we get a new product that resurfaces a sound, smell, or visual that heads straight for the hippocampus. The best ones do all three.

We’re highlighting 10+ new products this Throwback Thursday to reminisce while appreciating how far we've come.

MD Vinyl: Watch the records spin with an iPhone widget that pairs with Apple Music
iPod Classic Player: Vinyl too old? *Click click click* Off to the naughties
My 2000s TV: Flip through Bob Barker, music videos, and the static
Nokia 6310: It doesn’t have Super Retina XDR but Snake still never looked better
HomeMovie: Pass the camcorder around with your friends
Studio Clock: Inspired by 70s clocks, but still used for the most accurate time
Clippy JS Library: There was a time you wanted Clippy to go away — not today
Drag & Drop: Pass on nostalgia with 80s & 90s pixel illustrations for your projects
Vacation sunscreen: Want to smell like Summer of ‘86 in Summer of ’22?
Computer Museum: Re-explore computers like the Macintosh Plus. Here’s a floppy disk, if you need it.

Have more time to kill? Take ten minutes and dive into 70s lingo with Retrogram, go on a duck unicorn hunt like in the 80s, or revisit prehistoric Google times with DinoJump. Then we’ll send you back to the future.

Put a record on

“Buying NFTs is easy, figuring out how much to sell for is hard.”

Enter Asset Money, the platform that lets you manage your NFTs and estimate their worth based on rarity and traits.

The product is also a lot of fun if one of your favorite things to do is “check random Twitter user's NFT value at Asset Money” as one commenter wrote.

Meet the "artist living in a browser”
A CAPTCHA that filters out humans. An app for deepfaking yourself. Damjanski’s artwork delights and intrigues at the intersection of art, culture, and the internet. Here’s what he’s diving into now.
  • Showcase your acting skills and have fun with your remote teammates in a game of Charades.

  • Habitual Money lets you track and organize your spending transactions, stick to a budget, spot, and stop fraud.

  • Ango is a browser extension that recommends sustainable alternatives as you shop online.

  • Presailor helps creators raise capital from investors or their audience without equity dilution.