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March 1st, 2022

Where Gen Z gamers are hanging out

Game Jolt launched its mobile app on iOS and Android today. If you haven’t heard of Game Jolt yet, it’s a social platform “where gen z gamers are hanging out…” wrote Game Jolt’s Events Director, Guy 'Yug' Blomberg, in a tweet. He added: “I've learned more about how they interact and play games in the last 3 months than I did in the last 3 years.”

Game Jolt first launched eight years ago by husband-and-wife founders Yaprak and David DeCarmine. The two met while working at the e-comm retailer, Zulily, which they ultimately left when they decided to focus on Game Jolt full-time.

Now, Game Jolt is where millions go to get social around their favorite games, from indie titles to Pokémon. Gamers have started over 60,000 communities on Game Jolt, with the largest exceeding half a million people. Gen Z gamers particularly love how the platform supports their preferences for personalized and fun engagements.

“[G]amers are the ones that are creating the majority of the content out there. They love creating fan art of their favorite video game characters, they record videos of themselves playing games or playing with their friends. They write guides and review games that they’re playing so that they can have those meaningful discussions,” Yaprak DeCarmine told Venture Beat last autumn after the company closed a seed round of funding.

Though Game Jolt obviously has competition in the form of both newcomer communities and established ones like Discord and Twitch, the startup plans to continue fostering a vibrant and highly social community — “something like a TikTok for gamers.”

On today’s product launch page, Yaprak DeCarmine shared that the team worked closely with the Game Jolt community to build the new mobile app.

“Our team got to build alongside our community, which has been such a fun journey. Thank you for helping us beta test, [giving us] valuable feedback + also for inspiring us. Enjoy the Game Jolt Social app! 😘.”

The launch highlights features like “24/7 parties with your friends” in the form of chats, events, and streaming, and an Instagram-like discovery feed to help users find gaming art, videos, music, and eachother.

Party with gamers

Gumroad founder, Sahil Lavingia built Fweb3 while on a mission to learn web3 himself. The game walks you through nine different dots asking you to perform tasks like burning a token. Once you light all nine dots up, you win additional $FWEB3 tokens and a commemorative NFT.

“Played it and if you are new to Web3 can't recommend it high enough - you'll go from 0 to 1 (maybe 100),” one user commented.

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