Product Hunt Weekly Digest
February 27th, 2022

How to help Ukraine — resources from the tech community

Like many of you, our minds and hearts continue to be with the people of Ukraine. Product Hunt is a global community connected through our love of products and technology.

We know that our thoughts can feel trivial during this time — particularly if you’re separated by miles and borders — and that finding a way to help is difficult. In times of crisis, we are always inspired by makers who lead not only with their thoughts but with actions, too. Makers around the world have been rallying to create and share resources for how we can help.

We've compiled a few of them here:

Help Ukraine Win: A collection of resources and info on how foreigners can help
Help Ukraine: Another detailed resource for how those outside Ukraine can help
Help Ukraine | Crowdsourced List: A list of resources to help Ukraine with crowdsourced info
We Stand With Ukraine Website Badge: A simple website badge to show support for Ukraine
Pro Ukraine Website Banner: A website banner that directs Russian users to Help Ukraine Win — for Russian civilians who want to support Ukraine

These resources provide various ways to help, from suggestions on where to donate (if you are able) to petitions that you can sign and more to support Ukraine.

Help Ukraine 🇺🇦

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To start-up literacy
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