Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 22nd, 2022

Experts on demand: 8 ways to learn from the best

Much to learn you still have.

You probably know that but the question is “how?”

Learning from experts is one of the most popular and interesting ways to learn (or be entertained). Who among us hasn’t audited a class at Twitter U? We spend so much time unraveling Twitter threads because that spool is big and full of secrets.

The biggest challenge is accessing expertise. Today we met a new product to tackle that. Newcon is like “Netflix for professional keynote presentations and conference content.” Many of us can relate to its maker Cephas on the FOMO and disappointment of missing out on a conference because of astronomical ticket prices. Newcon's goal is to democratize access to that content, allowing anyone to partake regardless of place, time, or financial situation.

For today’s launch, Newcon has curated a shortlist of keynotes from favorite experts in the tech and startup spaces: Chris Dixon, Brian Armstrong, Li Jin, and more.

Accessing expertise is a common problem for founders and creators to tackle. These days, the more on-demand and personalized the solution, the better. Here are 7 more products offering modern solutions to mentorship:

Mentorcam - 1:1 Cameo-like marketplace for advice from inaccessible mentors
Pillar - 1:1 mental and physical health coaching from accredited (National Board of Medical Examiners) providers
Senpai - Database of experts providing on-the-job experience for startup questions
BoldVoice - Accent lessons from Hollywood coaches for non-native speakers
Mentor Me Good: 1:1 coaching and bootcamps for landing a dream job in tech
System2 - An app that enables 1:1 fitness coaching from elite trainers
Chapter - Chapter invites thought leaders to curate the best content in their fields, bundling it into courses and adding time for your questions

Watch great keynotes

Computer Museum takes you back in time to experience computers from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, through its interactive simulator. The website is dedicated to the Chinese community but can be accessed and used by anyone.

“It’s the igniter of the retro-computing community in China, as well as an online laboratory to teach Chinese scholars how to research, preserve, and demonstrate their digital heritage,” maker PengAn Zhou shares.

From nagging problem to $1.4M in funding
Steven Fabre spent eight years working on creative tools for startups and big tech companies. Here’s how he turned his recurring challenge into a funded startup.
  • Today, the Typefully team is launching Profiles, which lets you create a blog from tweets and threads you’ve written.

  • Later helps tidy up your Mac desktop by saving all your open apps and restoring them when you need them later.

  • Unlined filters incoming unknown calls to your phone number, helps block spam and integrates with your calendar to only allow calls when you’re available.

  • Create web3 events and airdrop NFTs to attendees' crypto wallets with metapass’s event ticketing platform.