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10 alternative and related products to YourNote

Notes app that puts privacy first

YourNote is a note-taking app that put user's first. With YourNote, your notes are -

🔒 Secure since you control how and where they are stored

🔑 Private since they are encrypted using your private keys

🌐 Open since they are stored in plain markdown format

With YourNote, the note you write in 2018 stays accessible in 2028, no matter what.

10 Alternatives to YourNote

An encrypted home for your private photos, docs & notes.

Cryptee is an encrypted and secure home for your private photos, files, docs, and notes. It works on all your devices and provides a zero-knowledge place to keep all your sensitive digital belongings.

With on-device encryption, security and deniability at its core, Cryptee is a unified platform for all your personal privacy needs.

John Ozbay
John Ozbay- Founder & CEO @ Cryptee
Cryptee can keep your Documents, Notes, Journals, Todo-lists and your Photos encrypted and safe. It works on all platforms, all devices, all OSes. Your key is never stored on your device, so say if you're hacked one day, your files will be safe, and even if Cryptee is hacked one day, your files will still be safe, as they are encrypted on your device, and no… See more
John Ozbay
John Ozbay- Founder & CEO @ Cryptee
Take a look at this Joe! Just released this exactly for this purpose!
17 Alternatives to Cryptee

Decentralized and encrypted storage for your Facebook data

SocialVault allows you to securely store and browse your Facebook data. You can #deletefacebook and take all of your memories with you.

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Facebook has been in the press a lot recently, and not for good reasons. They've shown a constant disregard for user privacy, which has inspired many to #deletefacebook. However, if you've used Facebook for years, you probably have a lot of memories there with your posts, photos, comments, and more.
7 Alternatives to SocialVault

The beautiful lovechild of Apple's Photos and Notes apps

Do you take photos as reminders and always forget about them? Magpie is here to help. Combine your photos with notes, maps, prices and links. It’s a reminder/list app, focussed around the photos you take of the things you love and want to remember.

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You can weld photos to missives in Apple's Notes app - or third-party alternatives like Evernote. At which point, you promptly forget about them - or at least don't particularly want to browse, making cooing noises. After all, it's not like those apps make your snaps shine.
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3 Alternatives to Magpie

Privacy for all apps

Oversec constantly monitors the text on your screen. When it finds an encrypted text, it tries to decrypt it and then shows the decrypted text as an overlay in place of the encrypted text.

5 Alternatives to Oversec
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