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5 alternative and related products to Worthworm

Valuation as a Service
5 Alternatives to Worthworm

All-in-one platform for building products people want

Javelin helps you test startup ideas with potential customers and gives you data to guide your decisions.

Record and transcribe customer interviews, test landing pages, and use pre-designed surveys to analyze the most important feedback.

Eight years working with startups around the world. ProductHunt's Founder is 2x alumnus of our workshop.

EbrahimKhalil Hassen
EbrahimKhalil Hassen- Entrepreneur
This looks really interesting providing a "one-stop shop" for testing ideas, and includes a process and a way to test ideas via ad networks and landing pages.
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With nothing left, we kept going. Fighting our shame, burnout, depression, loneliness, doubts, and constant anxiety about paying for next month's food and rent, we made some progress. We did it alone, so it took us a few years - but today, we finally launched the first CORE part of Javelin.
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Calculate the financial value of any website

Worth of Web Academy is a popular website where you can buy/create, develop, track and sell websites/web-based businesses. Worth Of Web Calculator, which has been shared and upvoted here, is the most popular part of the whole website.

5 Alternatives to Worth of Web

Explore when your startup will hit profitability

What's your startup destiny?! Explore the future of your startup rather then 'predict' it and understand the relationships between price, cost, growth, and churn for your situation, and help home in on your CAC and CLTV. Happy Calculating and we love to hear your feedback!

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The Main Ingredient Blog
We are The Main Ingredient, a venture builder in Amsterdam. We help startups to go from idea to revenue, by building and growing the business with the founders. In February we launched, a small tool to estimate the profitability of your startup idea.
The Main Ingredient Blog
This post is about the Startup Calculator we built at The Main Ingredient. More on what the Startup Calculator is, how we built it, and why you should definitely check it out, is explained in this post by Pieter van Wijk.
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