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14 alternative and related products to Where Bot

Where Bot
Quickly discover new places to eat
14 Alternatives to Where Bot

Swipe, vote & pick restaurants with your friends

KtchUp - Where Shall We Eat? is an app that lets you swipe pictures of restaurants to decide where to eat with your friends.

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Before apps decided to steal my thunder, I was once used something I called the casual dining rolodex. While I'm not one to frequent expensive establishments on a regular basis, I love checking out local eateries, and my general rule is to go to a new place at least once a month.
12 Alternatives to KtchUp - Where Shall We Eat?

The app where Pinterest meets Yelp 🍳

Oatmeal is an app that aggregates photos from the best places nearby to help you discover places to eat, drink, and have fun.

Say you're looking for a place to eat, you can use Oatmeal to scroll through a bunch of food photos taken at restaurants nearby. When you tap on a photo, you'll get detailed information and directions to the restaurant.

7 Alternatives to Oatmeal

Use Emojis to find & rate places

YOBO wants to reinvent and simplify the classical city-/local guide app by using nothing else than photos 📷 emojis 🍕🍺😘 and lot of AI 🤖 It basically changed the classic rating system using stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ into just using emojis 🍕🍺😘 Users share photos of locations and tag these places using up to 3 Emojis.

Tobias Szarowicz
Tobias Szarowicz- YOBO App - Ai based local guide - 🔜PH
Cause I build this :)
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Last month Google rolled out a Maps' "match" feature which purported to predict how much you'd like a particular place, like a restaurant or bar. The feature uses the data it has on you, such as the backlog of places it knows you've visited, and what it can assess as y...
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6 Alternatives to YOBO

Bite is an app that makes deciding what to eat easy by reviewing specific dishes instead of entire restaurants.

Find new food without compromising on taste, quality, or your wallet. Bite is perfect for discovering great dishes but you can also search by restaurant and dish!

Peter Hwang
Peter Hwang
A refreshing way to share and discover new dishes nearby.
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The Blind Entrepreneur Podcast
On today's episode we are going to talk about: 1. Taking the leap 2. Understanding where your market is 3. and early struggles with development P: We're pretty active on Instagram, but less active on Facebook; most of our potential users are on Instagram, as most of them tend to take pictures of their foods, as well as leave a small review where that's conce… See more
Munch Gloriously
Bite - Discover Great Food That's right, you can now start swiping right to your favorite foods and restaurants! This is all thanks to Peter Hwang, Timothy Ko, and David Ko, the founders of Bite. Bite was discovered when Peter Hwang was taking a trip to New York City.
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16 Alternatives to Bite: Review Dishes

The app that helps you to choose where to eat

FeedMe aims to solve the everyones knows question “Where do we eat for lunch ?” and the typical answer “I don’t know”
The app displays nearby restaurants, you can specify your favorites one and FeedMe can suggest new places that are not in your favorites.

8 Alternatives to FeedMe
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