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Website Grader

Grade your website's strengths and weaknesses in seconds.

10 alternative and related products to Website Grader

How good is your website?

Find out in 7 seconds and where you can improve today

Adam Ball- General Manager, Talent Cupboard
Hey all, can't believe this is on Product Hunt right now. Buzzing! I've built this tool to help highlight a number of key factors that go into making a successful website, particularly for non-technical founders & business owners. I know there are a few different website graders, with the awesome one from Hubspot posted here not too long ago, but I w… See more
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Website Speed Ranker

Compare how fast your website loads vs your competitors

Kyle Conarro- Co-Founder @ Ad Reform
Developer at Rigor here. Great to see one of our free tools get hunted! We built Website Speed Ranker to provide a snaphsot of your site's performance relative to your competitors' sites. We want to keep it low-friction, hence the email only approach for signup. We hope the product gives you a better understanding of how you compare. Throw any questions/co… See more
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Epic website performance battles between two urls

Cory Shaw- President, User Kind
Greetings Hunters! I've been working on a fun tool to help developers and website owners better understand how the performance of their site compares to other sites. PerfWars was built as a friendly tool to raise awareness about website performance, and to help you crush your enemies. As a developer myself, anytime I evaluated the performance of my site … See more
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OnBrand Grader

Free tool to grade your branding in seconds

Nicolas Deskos- Editor, OnBrand Magazine
Hi Product Hunters - our team is here to answer any questions about the OnBrand Grader, from how it works technically to how you can improve your score. Big thanks goes to @darnocks for sharing! Even with all the tools at our disposal, many of us till struggle to create visually appealing and conversion-driven websites for our brands. That’s why we built… See more
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Clean and protect your websites like a security expert

Elijah Malyshev- CEO, Virusdie
Thanks Kevin @kwdinc for hunting us! Hi, fellow hunters! I’m Elijah, CEO & Co-founder at Virusdie. We created Virusdie as a complete Website Security platform to help webmasters, security experts, SEO experts and regular website owners rehab and keep their projects healthy. We know website malware removal, cleanup and protection takes time and lots of… See more
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We check if your website is up to par.

Maarten Belmans- Creator of
Thanks for hunting @gregoiregilbert! That's indeed my mission - as a web developer, I'd love to see every website become as good as it can be :). Creating a website for your business or service can be overwhelming - especially for online entrepreneurs that just want to launch quickly (my target market) . There is so much you have to think about, from your … See more
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