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Video calling like phone calling. Callers simply click your reusable urLive link to schedule or video call you from your website, email or SMS text. You or your team of up to 100, answers from their computers or mobile phones. No install. No caller login.
Top urLive alternatives
  • Quick, next-gen video calls. Around combines inventions in audio technology & a fresh perspective on video UI. Introducing major inventions in signal processing, AI-based background noise filtering, voice proximity detection, and UX.
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  • Easy and flexible meetings in the browser. Create your permanent own video room (whereby.com/your-room) that guests can join simply by clicking the link. No downloads or registration required by guests, no host required in meetings.
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  • Simple, Secure, and Fast. Zipcall is built radically different. We left behind slow bulky servers, opting for decentralized peer to peer calling. We engineered a platform with maximum video quality and lowest latency.
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  • Swingby is a video conferencing tool for remote teams that allows people to easily connect together, without the hassle of planning a meeting in advance. You can just pop by (Swingby 🤔) on a channel and start talking with the people inside it.
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