Alternative products to Unroll.Me for iOS

Unroll.Me for iOS

Unsubscribe from emails with a single swipe

Oh, no, these annoying emails again?! Don't worry is your email unsubscribing hero! Once you get it, it will go through your email address and provide you with a list of all your subscriptions and let you unsubscribe from them forever and it will combine the ones you want to save in one email delivered to you every day, called the Rollup!

7 alternative and related products to Unroll.Me for iOS

Outflow 3.0

An app to keep track of all your subscriptions

Outflow aims to solve the problem of having multiple subscriptions and not knowing when they are renewing and how much you are paying for each. We have built the app to be intuitive and fast, so you can take control over how you are spending your money.

Mateo- A developing developer
Best app for tracking subscriptions.
5 Alternatives to Outflow 3.0

What is the best bulk / auto email newsletter unsubscribe tool?

Matt NavarraSocial Consultant. Ex-Head of SocMed TNW - Clean up your inbox
"Still a useful tool - they use your anonymized data to do market research. If you're comfortable with that (and I am), definitely worth it.… See more
Gmail Unsubscriber - Open source alternative to for Gmail
"Easy, private, & self-contained."
Unroll.Me for iOS - Unsubscribe from emails with a single swipe
"Kind of like Tinder for email unsubscribes"

What is the best app for reading and organizing all of your newsletter subscriptions?

Hyder AlabedVC @thisisdynamo
Unroll.Me for iOS - Unsubscribe from emails with a single swipe
"Definitely take a look at You can add all of your newsletter subscriptions to your "roll up" and then get them all in a single e… See more
Inbox by Google - Next generation inbox
"Been using Inbox since I got to try the beta, haven't moved since. It's super simple and intuitive and makes the best out of your mail. As … See more

What's the best tool for unsubscribing from emails?

Bryce DanielCo-Founder & CEO @ Nubko - Clean up your inbox
"This is my go-to (other than the time when I straight up switched email addresses). It's so effective!"
Unroll.Me for iOS - Unsubscribe from emails with a single swipe
"I may be biased ;)"

What is the best tool for achieving #inboxzero ?

Inbox by Google - Next generation inbox
"The way it shows your emails as todos makes it compelling enough to work your way to reach inbox zero."
Spark for Mac - Beautiful and intelligent email app
"Complete and very powerful"
Polymail - A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac
""Make email work for you""
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