Alternative products to Unroll.Me for iOS

8 alternative and related products to Unroll.Me for iOS

Unroll.Me for iOS

Unsubscribe from emails with a single swipe

Oh, no, these annoying emails again?! Don't worry is your email unsubscribing hero! Once you get it, it will go through your email address and provide you with a list of all your subscriptions and let you unsubscribe from them forever and it will combine the ones you want to save in one email delivered to you every day, called the Rollup!

8 Alternatives to Unroll.Me for iOS

Easily unsubscribe from spam emails 💌

Leave Me Alone is an email unsubscription service, with a focus on privacy.

Simply connect your Gmail account and you will see all your newsletters, subscriptions and spam, which you can then unsubscribe from with a single click.

Take back control of your inbox by getting rid of the subscription spammers.

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Squarecat Development
Did you know that in 2018, spam messages still account for 48.16% of all e-mail traffic worldwide? [ source] It's easy to sign up to mailing lists, it's much more difficult to find them in your inbox, and almost impossible to unsubscribe from them all easily. We've all been there.
Scott Lewis Kansas City Web Developer
The other day I looked at the little indicator on my phone and saw that I had over 72,000 unread emails on just one of my Gmail accounts. Nope, that isn't a typo. 72,000 UNREAD EMAILS! I take 100% of the blame on this.
Maker Mag
"When it's free, you are the product." For the longest time, many users did not seem to care about their privacy, and were happily giving away their data in exchange for free products and services, which were usually powered by advertising.
Hacker Noon
The importance of user feedback and community support before launching a new product is huge. Users are full of surprises, it's long been established that developers make many assumptions about how a user will approach, use, or interpret their application. Many of which will be wrong!
7 Alternatives to Leave Me Alone

An app to keep track of all your subscriptions

Outflow aims to solve the problem of having multiple subscriptions and not knowing when they are renewing and how much you are paying for each. We have built the app to be intuitive and fast, so you can take control over how you are spending your money.

Mateo- A developing developer
Best app for tracking subscriptions.
Rating and price
7 Alternatives to Outflow 3.0
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