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UnRemot alternatives and competitors

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On UnRemot, you can create teams & collaborate with remote team members, on a video based interface seamlessly, instantly. Video-chat with any of them on single clicks - no calendar invites, no meeting URLs. More details on our launch blog.

Top alternatives for UnRemot

PointCard™ Neon
Made to spend.
  • Tandem

    No - it's not VR, but it's the closest thing to in-person collaboration!
    See who's available right now and what app they are working in. Talk and screenshare in one-click.
  • The Remote Stash

    1 review
    Meet the largest hand-picked list of the best tools for remote work.
    To compile it all we searched on Quora, Hacker News, surveyed 3000 remote workers and went through Alexa and Capterra to filter only the greatest tools.
    As a result: 330 categorised tools.
  • Remote Tools

    1 review

    Solve the challenges of managing a globally distributed team by using the right tool for your company. Do you find it tough to choose the best tool? At remote.tools we have built a curated repository of 100+ tools across 20+ categories relevant for remote teams, with all the information needed in one place!

    This look great. A very much needed list.

  • Carrot

    2 reviews

    Fast-growing and remote teams use Carrot to communicate important information everyone needs to see. Stay on the same page - even when you can’t be in the same place.

    It's hard to share information across your exec team, rest of company and board. Carrot makes it easy to do this and reduces the amount of w…

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  • TeamWatch

    2 reviews

    Remote work is tough, we know. It's hard to stay in touch and know when it's a good time to talk to a team mate. Here's a Simple OSX Toolbar App to help you keep in touch with your team mates by saying less 🔥

    This is a great product, Dinuka. Can't wait to see how it pans out!

  • Teleport Sundial 2.0

    Your remote team's locations, time zones and availability
  • RemoteHub

    Discover where remote teams are based and add your own remote team to the map

  • Walky IO

    Video-first chat app for remote workers
  • Lito

    2 reviews

    Lito is a web-based voice collaboration tool that lets you better collaborate with your remote co-workers. A virtual office so you can feel like you're in the same room as your co-workers, even if they're remote. Start a conversation right from your browser with no registration or download, and claim your own customized link for your team.

    I really appreciate the platform and I’m using it with my remote peers constantly. It kinda reminds me of Ventrilo or Teamspeak but for busi…

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  • Armadill.me

    2 reviews
    Armadill combines the best parts of Kanban workflow (top 3 priorities for each day) with automatic daily standups in order to provide remote teams with a transparent work structure and helps to be aligned with the whole team's progress.
  • Remotes.in

    A community of and for remote workers.
  • Avokaado

    3 reviews
    Free options
    Avokaado is a contract lifecycle management platform that helps businesses streamline their document workflow: templatize, draft, negotiate, approve and sign any document - all in one platform. Works great for B2B businesses and scale-ups.
  • My Digital Office

    1 review
    MDO is a virtual office for distributed teams.
    After working remotely for years, I have grown tired of green status circles. Is your team there or did leave their computer on and go to lunch? MDO is a new way to see status.
    Try it with your team!
  • Lito for Desktop

    Lito for Desktop enhances your remote workflow with spontaneous voice chats & quick screen collaboration. Share cursors while screen sharing. Push-to-talk locks out noise from your calls. Feel like working in the same room even though you are working remotely.
  • Visual Office

    Visual Office provides additional social context for your remote team in the form of daily check-ins and ephemeral social channels. If you use Slack, it's the easiest way to understand what your remote team is doing and how they are feeling.