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  • Twitter Moments

    Follow along with current events
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  • Google News organizes what's happening to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you and the world.

    Get the Google News app, available for both Android and IOS.

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    In mumbai google news contents are not straight.lieeg title says something descrription says something.too tedeous
  • Swiipe is a different take on reading the latest headlines from 50+ of your favourite news sources (250+ more coming soon) all displayed in an interactive swipe interface

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    Would *love* to see some machine-learning incorporated into this eventually, so I get a curated feed of news as opposed to whatever algorith…

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  • The Perspective is a website designed to open minds by showing readers what they’re missing due to echo chambers and filter bubbles. It displays two sides of current events, historic and classic debates, employing design and psychology to make it easier to consider ideas that are different from their own.

    - Winner 2017 WebAward In News Category -

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    I like to know about all the different viewpoints when it comes to news. They stay neutral on various topics.

  • Ausum

    4.6β˜…1 review
    Free options
    Ausum turns top journalism into short and engaging audio summaries, so you can stay informed and get smarter in less time.
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    Congrats on the launch!
  • Fread Unlimited gives you access to all-you-can eat premium news & journalism for just $12 / Β£10 a month. That’s it. You can read all the premium paywalled news you ever wanted, but didn't want to pay over $2000 for. Never bounce of a paywall again. No limits, no strings, no fuss. Simple.

    Sign up using the code GETFREADPH at getfread.com

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    Looks super interesting - can't wait to get this! Good luck.

  • Snippets are small reusable pieces of journalism that are designed to give you more context to help you make sense of this complex world we live in

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    Great to see new technology features being rolled out to empower readers

  • Volv is for those who want to consume great content and for ️those who create great content.
    What readers will find: breaking news, hype trends, crypto updates & more
    What writers will get: a platform to help you get discovered by thousands in 100+ countries
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  • The Guardian Version 5.0 brings a brand new look for the app, coinciding with the launch of the new Guardian newspaper in the tabloid format.

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    The flat/material style is increasingly irrelevant and will go the way of Bootstrap style, big heros, etc. At least in my opinion. Maybe the…

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  • Ground is a new app that fills the information gap between social media and traditional news media. Ground busts Fake News by engaging users on the ground and using patent-pending AI tech and human verification.

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    I really really like the map view. I follow soccer and with ground I can zoom in on Manchester, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, etc. to follow di…

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  • Not Depressing News is a quick little project that gives you a daily dose of news that isn't depressing - enjoy!
    Now there's a sleek new UI, filtering and labeled article types. If you compress the page, you can keep the live feed open while you work!
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  • Developed at MIT, Acciyo is a Google Chrome Extension that uses NLP to populate a timeline of previous articles published on the news subject you’re currently reading, kind of like the previous "chapters" of a news story.
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  • There's an abundance of sources available for hearing the trending, breaking news updates. We keep you informed on the stories that don't make it to the front page, for free.
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  • BuzzFeed News

    BuzzFeed launches a new site for our journalism.

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  • ReadTheBias.com is a website that showcases how major news publications report the same issues differently.
    The language, media and tone used by a news publication can dramatically influence a reader's perception of a particular issue.
    Swipe for headlines.
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    This product was very useful for me.

  • πŸš€Volv is a news app that gives you the latest stories from election updates to Supreme's collabs in 9-second reads
    ⚑We keep it simple-No political agenda. No opinions. No sensationalism. Basically no BS.
    πŸ‘€ It's FREE for all you hunters, so check it out!
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  • Early Stage News

    Get the latest news from early stage startups.

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  • Continuously listen to the latest radio news summaries from top providers such as NPR, BBC, ABC, even ESPN, right in your browser. Each is updated hourly. Fast, free & no ads.

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    Love how to the point it is and is a clutter-free way to listen to just news :)

    Think I'm gonna make this one of the primary ways I consume d…

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  • Bias-busting news for busy people. Balanced. Objective. And Free. Get unbiased reads in four minutes or less, powered by original journalism and A.I.
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  • Wondering if a news article is credible? Get instant ratings on if the article is:

    * Well researched
    * Not too opinionated

    * Written by a topical expert

    * From a reputable source

    Ratings also injected in your Twitter and Facebook feed

    (Rebrand from CivikOwl)

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    I wrote a Medium post about my thoughts on CivikOwl: https://medium.com/@berkson0/how-do-i-tell-if-this-is-fake-news-ceef67aba7f0