Alternative products to Tomigo

9 alternative and related products to Tomigo


Recruiting top talent, socially

9 Alternatives to Tomigo

Hire candidates connected to your team and extended network

Giuliano Giacaglia
Giuliano Giacaglia- MIT
I've used Drafted a few times and it's the best way to connect to engineers in my network that I didn't know about. It's very useful to see opportunities that I would otherwise miss.
Vinayak Ranade
Vinayak Ranade- CEO at Drafted
I'm biased, since I'm the founder and CEO. I think the best tool to recruit is through referrals, as I experienced first hand doing technical recruiting at KAYAK. But great intros come through having a great community around your company and making it easy for them to help you. Drafted automatically surfaces referrals waiting to happen by matching people in … See more
3 Alternatives to Drafted for Teams

The new Draftedbot uses the new Slack Forms API to streamline employee referral programs. You can refer a friend, add notes, and specify if your friend is already interested in the position or whether someone from your recruiting team should reach out. It's the best way to keep employees engaged!

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We're excited to tell you about v2 of the Draftedbot in Slack, using the new Slack Forms API. You can check it out on Product Hunt, LinkedIn, the Slack Appstore, or sign up to try it on Drafted.
3 Alternatives to Slack Referral Forms by Drafted
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