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6 alternative and related products to The Product Book

The Product Book
How to become a great product manager

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#1: Engineers code ✅

#2: Designers design ✅

#3: Marketers create buzz ✅

#4: Salespeople sell ✅

#5: Why do you need a Product Manager? ❌🤔

The Product Book answers that question. Filled with practical tips, frameworks and best practices from PMs at top tech companies, this book is here to help you succeed as a PM.

6 Alternatives to The Product Book

Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams. Insights drawn from 100+ interviews with digital product leaders from around the world.

Martin Eriksson
Martin Eriksson- Co-Founder, Mind the Product
I maybe biased but a large part of this book was written based on interviews with founders and product leaders around not just how to build great products but the teams who build them too.
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Developing Product Team Talent and Career Smart leaders at successful product companies agree that people are their greatest asset. "Don't forget that people make the stuff. Relations make the bigger stuff. Get the relations and people part right, first. The rest will follow." Says design guru John Maeda.
Let's Start By Never Calling The Product Leader the CEO of Their Product Ever Again It's been said before but it needs to be said again, the product leader is not the CEO of the product. Many in the product space have suggested that a product leader is the ' CEO' of their product, but this fundamentally misunderstands the role.
5 Alternatives to Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams

An eBook for modern product management teams

Product Management TACTICS is packed full insights from the most highly respected product leaders around today. The book features several topics -- Pre-Product, Product Building, Managing Product, Product Teams, Product Strategy and Leadership -- all compiled from insights gathered from some of the top talks at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference.

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An all in one app for managers 🚀

Meet the Manager's sidekick: SoapBox Pro! 🎉

The most beautiful app built for any manager’s 1:1, team, company-wide discussions. Now including an action item tracker built into every agenda, as well as a beautifully simple way of launching AMAs at work, project kickoffs and more. ⚡️

Scott Spencer
Scott Spencer- Director of Engineering, SoapBox
Must-have for any startup that does meetings (so, all of them?). This app makes it super easy to keep one-on-ones and team meetings organized and on track from start to finish.
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Apple App Store
SoapBox is a manager’s sidekick. The easy-to-use app makes team meetings and one-on-ones intuitive with collaborative agendas, quick note taking, and more. “Every once in a while a tool comes along that makes my work life better and is worthy of a shout-out. SoapBox is one of those tools. I use it to manage my 1:1 and team meeting agendas and I just love th… See more
4 Alternatives to SoapBox Pro
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