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The New Minbox

Organize and collaborate across clouds

5 alternative and related products to The New Minbox

CloudApp 3.0

Your clipboard in the cloud

Kate- Community @Tierion
I will recommend CloudApp a hundred times because I swear it's the best option out there for just about every screen capture request, whether it's recording GIFs, videos, or just pictures. It's so easy to download / share the results as well! I couldn't live without it.
Kate- Community @Tierion
The whole team at Product Hunt uses CloudApp and we're all obsessed. (Just ask @nivo0o0 @ayrton @mscccc for further validation!) It just WORKS! GIFs are easy to make, download, and share, as are screenshots! It's the only thing I use anymore.
Dan Duett- Product Manager, Stitch Labs
I originally balked at the price, but it really is worth every penny. Like Kate said, it just works. CloudApp is frictionless and fantastic.
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Keeps people on the same page

Uday Singh- CEO, Epigrammar
Everything about this business from top to bottom has been about bootstraping low-touch sales. Their passion for getting stuff done extends from their blog to their product to even the responsiveness of their entire team. Everything at Basecamp is opinionated, but if you're interested in bootstrapping start with their blog ( and th… See more
Ayrton De Craene- Code @ Product Hunt
Basecamp has been around since forever and they do an incredible job. I've always been a huge fan of their UI, responsiveness and honestly they have one of the best engineering teams out there. For your use case, they explained in depth why using Basecamp with clients is such a good fit.
Antoine Gadaud- Business Developer, Symbiosys
Basecamp is a reference for small businesses. Our web and mobile development team uses it for projects, and we're very satisfied!
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Digital bias and engagement insights for the workplace

Cultivate, an AI-assistant for your work communications, helps you understand and improve digital bias and team engagement.

How it works:

1. Cultivate integrates with your work communication platforms like Gmail and Slack

2. Our AI, a mix of machine learning and NLP, learns how you communicate with your team and provides actionable insights

Thought leader, speaker, advisor, and Chair of the People Analytics & Future of Work Conference. Join me as I interview executives, practitioners, academics, entrepreneurs, technologists, futurists,
Cultivate provides inclusion analytics for companies by providing managers with information about how they are interacting with their team members. Find out more about Disrupt SF:
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File sharing made simple

Jeff Weisbein
I use Jumpshare Plus. Let's you record up to 5 minute screencasts and will upload them/host them. It also lets you easily share screenshots and other files. Find it here: -- they have a free version too, limits screencasts to 30 seconds though. Plus is $99/year.
Justin Mitchell- Designing Products at
Seriously the best screenshot tool. You can also share links and files and gifs
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Having an older Mac that doesn't work with Airdrop, I use Jumpshare to share files, screenshots, record screen [video]/ voice and even create GIFs.
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Foldercrate combines all relevant internet services.

Foldercrate combines standard online services like email, cloud storage, calendar, notes, friend list and chat in a single easy to use service. The goal is it to give the people a better overview of all their services and improving the performance.

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