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Temporary tattoos for everyone

6 Alternatives to Tattly

Augmented Reality app to try on tattoos

INKHUNTER is an augmented reality app that lets users virtually try on any tattoo. The company is now building a marketplace to allow its 8 Million users to directly book tattoo artists.

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If you've been procrastinating about getting a tattoo here's a neat little AR app, called InkHunter, that's aiming to help you decide what and where to ink without having to regret that snarling wolf facial tat after the fact.
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Natural ink-based tattoos that last 12-15 days

Inkbox is the ink mania solution, get tons of tattoos, change them every few weeks and get the feeling you have a real tattoo! The organic ink soaks into your epidermis, which is the very top of your skin, it is painless and it goes away in 8 to 18 days that is your natural skin renewal period. Try it out and have fun with your skin accessories.

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CONCEPT is an innovative new retail space that offers boutique brands an anchor position at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Featuring some of Toronto's best homegrown design talent, shoppers can discover emerging retailers in an exciting pop-up environment. Where did the idea for inkbox come from?
Tattoos are a big commitment. After all, they are going to be with you for life. Except when you have a temporary one that lasts only two weeks. Brother dream team, Tyler and Braden Handley, have created just that because, as they know all too well, getting the real deal can be scary.
Inkbox's two-week tattoos made waves when the company debuted its product on Kickstarter last year - Toronto-based founders Tyler and Braden Handley raised nearly $300,000 for their organic limited-time body art invention, which was a refinement of their original product offering that cut application time to just 10 minutes.
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