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take care
150+ sustainable alternatives for products and services 🌿
take care lists a curated variety of sustainable alternatives for products and services. We aim to be your platform of choice for sustainable alternatives so we can all take care of ourselves, each other, and our planet in a better way, step by step 💚🌍
10 Alternatives to take care

An open, growing list of 150+ vetted resources for ethical living — from books to browser extensions, TED talks to apps – and ethical alternatives to projects from the big five nasty tech giants, including alternatives to Chrome, Drive, Maps, Fa$ebook, and much more.

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On first glance, living as an ethical consumer looks to be getting easier. The market for more virtuous, sustainable products is growing deeper and sprouting into new sectors. The food industry has long led the way - free range meats, and fair trade produce, for example - and today's burgeoning vegan industry shows that consumers'...
If there is a time for positive change, look no further - it's always now. Because there's no better time than now to do something, but also because this world, on so many levels (you know, you've been there too) was seriously derailed in the past couple of years.
10 Alternatives to Ethical Resources

When it comes to fashion, tracking down pieces that are both ethical and trendy can be a difficult feat. Eticaly allows shoppers to find fashion brands that fits their values without compromising on style. The primary goal of this venture is to take sustainable fashion out of the "green" niche and bring it to the mainstream.

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