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You deserved a break, don't work too hard.
Use 'Take a break' to remind you to take regular breaks that help you relieve eye strain.
Top Take a break alternatives
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  • Do you work 10+ hours without taking breaks? You're not alone. Work breaks are simple and powerful yet we skip them because they're boring
    Cuely uses behavior design, positive psychology and social support to make it fun so you can stay well and feel happier
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  • Break is a handy tool for Mac to schedule your tasks for a day. You can also add task one by one in real time as you go about them. See how much time you spend on specific tasks and make your daily work reports. Get instant reminders from schedule tasks and say good bye to procrastination.

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    The app looks to be built very well. I am going to stick to it for a very long time.

  • Teeny Breaks is a Chrome extension showing you one mindfulness tip based on science every time you open a new tab.

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    Simple actions, easy to do right now. I'm bad at taking breaks so I think from now on I'll keep an open tab just for this.

  • stndup is a small tool that reminds you take a break from work every once in a while.

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    It's a very underestimated problem of our daily life. Humans are just not designed to sit all day (caveman syndrome). I do realize I'm feeli…

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  • BREAK - Mac menu bar app that lets you take a break without that co-worker giving you that "does this guy even work?" look.

    I made this app for a designer friend of mine that worked with a ton of judgemental jerks that don't know the benefit of taking a break from your screen every now and then.

    Hope you like it.

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    I love it :)

  • Eye Yoga

    The Eye Yoga application is based on the Bates method to set up eye exercises to improve your eyesight, relieve eye fatigue and prevent presbyopia.
    These exercises coupled with a healthy diet and good hydrations will help your eyes keep their youth.
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  • Aware

    Track how long you've been actively using your computer
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  • Take small breaks from your work and re-energize yourself by doing nothing for some time.

    Stuck on a bug since morning? Creative block? Relax. Take a break.

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    It would feel like a timer, if I did not know what it is meant for. This could be really useful if a lot more is done to really understand a…

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  • Break

    Reminders to take short breaks from your computer
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  • Oko

    - shows several images of eye exercises
    - sound alert option to notify you with voice when the break starts and ends
    - inactivity option
    - progressive notifications
    - menu icon work time indicator
    - multiple monitors
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  • An extension that will remind you to correct your posture, drink water, blink, and stretch.
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  • WFH Wakeup

    Recurring reminders to break during the day. Snooze or skip if you're busy.
    Simple stuff you already know. Pushups. Jumping Jacks. Lunges.
    Backed by science. Movement breaks reduce stress, and increase productivity, creativity, and motivation.
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  • This is a minimal app that helps
    🎯you to focus out of the screen
    🖱 Detect mouse move to prevent you to loose focus
    The cute illustration is from ouch illustrations
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  • Create Cues with Cue It!

    A Cue is a list of multiple timers in a single sequence - when one timer ends, the next timer starts right away!

    Cue It can help you keep track of time while working out, cooking, or doing any thing else on a timed schedule.

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  • Boost

    Boost is a Chrome extension that helps you schedule personalised break content into your workday to increase your productivity and focus.
    Boost is already being used by professionals at over a dozen successful companies.
    Add Boost to Chrome today for free.
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  • Stretchy

    Stretchy is the ultimate exercise app for when you're at the office. It will remind you when it’s time for your personalized stretch break. The exercises are clear, easy to follow, and effective.
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  • Move More

    Move More is a beautifully lightweight desktop app that can run in the background.
    Smart reminders notify you when it's time to get up and move from your desk. Quick tips inform you of useful ways to improve your sitting health.
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  • Every 20 minutes you spend in front of the screen, we will remind you that it's time to give your eyes 20 seconds of chill. It's the best way to protect yourself from eye strain and computer vision syndrome.
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  • Do you leave your desk exhausted, with red eyes and a good headache? We are the alarm system for your eyes. Throughout the day, our AI uses your camera to repeatedly check your eye health in the background while also paying attention to your posture.
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  • Mindful Focus

    How long are you in focus? Should you take a break?
    Mindful Focus shows you how long you are working concentrated without a break. While checking when your last computer input was, this App will let you know when you had your last off-screen break.
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