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9 alternative and related products to Swish

The missing gesture layer for macOS.
A gesture layer and window manager for the trackpad power user.
Control windows and applications right from your trackpad with intuitive two-finger swipe, pinch, tap, and hold gestures. Always be in control with live tooltips and haptic feedback.
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9 Alternatives to Swish
Tinu Cleatus
Quickest way to create that quick reminder.
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Beautiful Pixels
On my iPhone, I rely on Due to handle my reminders. It's a lovely little app that quickly lets me create reminders about anything using natural language. Sometimes, for reminders over the next few minutes, I just tell Siri to set a timer for X minutes. And on the Mac, I have Gestimer now.
Sometimes things don't have to be very complex to have an impact. In fact, Apple's entire design esthetic focuses on the "less is more" philosophy, and the associated principles clearly have an influence on many iOS and OS X developers.
When I think about what makes a great app, I don't think it needs to be packed full of every imaginable feature. It doesn't need to be as precisely and extensively engineered as Editorial or Tweetbot. A great app can just as easily be an app like Pedometer++ or Blink, apps which enable users to [...]
The best solutions are often the simplest. Time after time, Apple has unveiled revolutionary new input methods that seem obvious in retrospect but are ingenious in their simplicity; things like the mouse, the click wheel, and multitouch are so deceptively simple they have instantly changed the way we approach the respective interfaces they control, bringing … See more
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7 Alternatives to Gestimer
I have been a huge fan of Keyboard Maestro all these days, but discovered Alfred now only to find it more powerful. Alfred is probably the best yet.
Yes, Alfred is a super useful multitasking app. But then, there's Keyboard Maestro and I love it too!
Davidvb - Ld. UI/UX
I used Quicksilver for the longest time but once I switched to bartender I wish I did earlier! It keeps surprising me with new useful stuff (certainly also thanks to it's community!) It does make me wish I could program and not just design, because I have some ideas for powerful extensions...
6 Alternatives to Alfred Remote
Sam Ayres
Allows you to create custom gestures using the trackpad, mouse and keyboard.
Sam Ayres
Allows you to create custom gestures using the trackpad, mouse and keyboard.
Carl Gieringer
When you find your hand on the mac trackpad, this utility helps ensure that you don't need to leave it. Close the current window by swiping three fingers down. Show the application switcher by tapping four fingers. Open a link in a new browser tab by triple-clicking/tapping. Switch between tabs by "tip-tapping" (holding down one or more fingers and tappi… See more
4 Alternatives to BetterTouchTool
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