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Sup 3.0

The first creep-free way to see nearby friends

15 alternative and related products to Sup 3.0

Telegram 4.4

Broadcast your current location to any chat in real time

Telegram 4.4 - Live Locations, Media Player and Localization platform is the new update from the Telegram team. You can broadcast your current location to any chat or group chat in real time. This is useful when you are on your way to an appointment or are trying to coordinate with friends at a large event.

Arun Sathiya- Marketing, Freshworks
Telegram has changed how I communicate with people. The latest live location sharing on Telegram 4.4 is a game changer. So long Google Maps' live location sharing!
Android Police - Android News, Apps, Games, Phones, Tablets
There are two things we've come to expect in each Telegram update. First, the developers will add some useful features that improve your chat experience. S... by Ryan Whitwam in Applications, News
4 Alternatives to Telegram 4.4

Voo Plan for iMessage

Plan and meet with friends fast via iMessage.

Hugo Dozois-C.- CTO & Co-Founder at Voo
I'm the CTO at Voo! I'm super excited with our new app. We had a lot of fun experimenting with the new iMessage Applications and iOS10. I'm here to answer any questions about what we're doing. Our goal is to provide the best way for people to plan directly from within their actual tools, in this case iMessage. A bit of personal background, I'm a technology … See more
7 Alternatives to Voo Plan for iMessage

Chill 2.0

A fast and fun way to communicate

Kirill Chekanov
@erictwillis, thanks for the feature! Hey Hunters, This is Kirill, one of the makers of Chill. At Chill we have discovered that there is a different fast and fun way to say things:  🚀#traffic - “Running late. Bad traffic" ⏰ #starbucks5 - “Starbucks in 5 min"  📞 #robert - “Don't forget to call Robert" You are restricted to sending an icon and a 10 symbol… See more
14 Alternatives to Chill 2.0

Drop Messages 2.0

Get alerts when friends and photos are nearby

Zachary DeWitt
Hello Product Hunt community! I am a co-founder of Drop Messages and we are excited to share our free, award-winning iPhone app with you! Our mission is to make your world come alive! We let you know when friends or geo-tagged photos are nearby. We do this in a simple, automated and relevant way. All you have to do is download Drop Messages and we will do t… See more
9 Alternatives to Drop Messages 2.0


A more personalized social network

Ethan Rosenbaum- President, Babble
Thanks for the hunt Andrew! I am thrilled to present Babble. A more personalized social network. Babble is for you if: 1. You like sharing online, but not with a massive FB network. 2. Have wondered which friends are nearby - in a city, on campus, or at an event. 3. Want to communicate with your “middle network”, people in-between a text and a Facebook pos… See more
9 Alternatives to Babble

Let's Chat

Let others know when they should call you

Chris Matsakis- CEO of Deal Genius LLC and Let's Chat
Hi my name is Chris Matsakis and i'm the founder of the Let's Chat App. As the result of my busy life, I found myself calling people less and less. I had friends & family that I wanted to stay in touch with but it was such a hassle to coordinate times. I thought if we could use an app to make sure both sides were free to talk AND actually wanted t… See more
5 Alternatives to Let's Chat


Find your friends. Get hanging.

Oscar Barillas- Product Manager @ CENTRl
Hi everyone! I’m Oscar, CEO / Co-Founder of Hangster! I’m excited to share our release of Hangster. We’ve been working on Hangster for a while aiming to solve the problem when you have blocks of free time, but aren’t sure which friends are available to hangout at that moment. In an age where technology often discourages face-to-face interaction, the Hangs… See more
1 Alternatives to Hangster


Discover and share with the world in a new way

Kaan Soral
Hi everyone, I’m finally ready to share Geobird with Product Hunt and the World. From the viewpoint of a sharer, everything you share are currently public, it’s there to be discovered, you share them with the world and people nearby. From the viewpoint of an explorer, someone who wants to know more about the world, you can pan to any part of the world, se… See more
2 Alternatives to Geobird
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