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Sunrise KPI alternatives and competitors

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Sunrise KPI keeps you updated. It gathers a key metric from all the services you use and sends you all your numbers.

Top alternatives for Sunrise KPI

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  • Infinity Dashboard

    1 review

    Infinity Dashboard allows you to track anything through its beautifully organized interface. With over 35 built-in modules, you can monitor things ranging from current weather, travel times, website stats, stock prices, birthdays and much more. You can even write your own custom modules to track almost anything you want.

    It is a vertical version of TextBar, which I also use. It is great for the strictly text only items to be viewed, but not very interactive a…

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  • Ora

    4 reviews

    Welcome to your team’s command center. A place to track projects. Tasks. Time. Commits. Status Reports. Your entire product or business! It's the fastest growing productivity suite your team needs right now!

  • Report Cards by Sharma Brands x Tydo

    4 reviews
    Nik Sharma wanted a free and simple performance report on his portfolio brands sent to his inbox daily, so we made it for him. Report Cards provides DTC operators a snapshot of their brand's performance daily, weekly and monthly.
  • OKRs.app

    Setting goals is hard. Following up is even harder!
    The world's most successful companies use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to help them reach their goals. Should you accept any less?
    No prior knowledge needed. OKRs.app gets you started with OKRs today.
  • Gtmhub

    5 reviews

    What drives the growth of the world’s best technology companies? What secret sauce do they all have in common? They all use OKRs. From Google to LinkedIn to Facebook to Oracle, and hundreds of others. Gtmhub has developed the world’s most intuitive OKRs management software powered by 150+ data integrations that let you focus on what matters most.

    We use Gtmhub at Techstars to manage our OKRs across the organisation in real time

  • Measure What Matters Starter Kit

    This Coda doc is inspired by Measure What Matters, a book about OKRs. It's designed to help you and your team get started with OKRs. If you are new to OKRs or an expert, we recommend taking this process a step at a time.
  • Simple OKR

    Simple OKR is the dynamic dashboard that uses Objective & Key Results so your team remains focused and inspired to accomplish measurable goals.

  • Varos

    6 reviews
    Free options
    Real-time benchmarks for performance marketing KPIs like ROAS, CPA, CPM and CTR. DTC companies and agencies use us to see how they stack up to peers, find metrics to optimize and answer questions like "was this spike in CPM due to my ad or the market?".
  • Goal Planner for Teams

    Improve your team's velocity with productivity swag that helps teams focus & reach their goals 🚀.
    Ideal for the stationary corner and employee welcome packs.
  • Goal & OKR Management by Leapsome

    1 review

    Leapsome now provides a simple solution to manage your individual, team and company goals and OKRs. It tightly integrates with Leapsome’s existing feedback module, allowing you to comment or request feedback on any goal.

    Obviously a bit biased here :) But we use our tool internally to align on goals and it really helps us to work better together as a team.

  • Perdoo Growth Board

    Don't miss another growth goal. The Growth Board is a cross-functional view of the KPIs that make up your organization's funnel and contribute to revenue growth. Track targets vs actuals for these KPIs over time, and understand what's planned to achieve them.
  • OHNO

    OHNO highlights what's stopping everyone on your team meeting their mission, objectives, and upholding the values that are important, and gives you a framework (5 Whys) in which to solve problems.

  • Ricotta

    Ricotta is all about OKRs, from goal-setting, updating progress to goal tracking on Slack. Our aim? 1) To make OKRs super easy to implement and 2) cost-effective - it’s a WIN-WIN!🏆
    ➡️ https://ricotta.team
  • Intention

    Intention is a web and mobile app that helps you plan your goals, and break them down into actionable tasks.
  • Atiim Pulse OKR

    OKR goals + Pulse of your team to achieve great results.
  • Simple Workflow

    Free options
    Easy overview of all processes in your organization. Don't let everyday tasks get skipped due to human errors / forgetfulness. Get daily / monthly reports with a single Tap. Organized, easily searchable checklists and documents on the Cloud.
  • KPILens

    Free options
    KPILens is a monitoring and evaluation solution that enables development organizations to track project KPIs across multiple LogFrames/Theory of Change in near real-time thereby helping them spend more of their time in communities achieving impact.
  • kippy

    Kippy brings together each team's KPIs, projects and employee appraisals,
    to the same objectives, joining approach and outcomes, to a single strategy, throughout your organisation!
    Available in 100+ languages.
  • Instant Vitals

    Use Instant Vitals to identify parts of your website that are degrading your Web Vitals scores. Store the results in Google BigQuery and discover opportunities to improve your users’ experiences.
  • WAPPraiser

    WAPPraiser is a web application that integrates different digital tools that provide valuable web metrics. This application allows users to have an overview of the website they want to audit and collect valuable data for decision making.