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Sundays – healthier than kibble, but just as easy. Sundays unique air-drying method gently dehydrates food low and slow to preserve nutrients and flavor. It's the best of raw and home-cooked. There's no fridge, prep, or clean-up required. Easy, breezy.
Top Sundays alternatives
  • YaDoggie is healthy, grain-free dog food delivered to your door just when you need it.

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    Met the founders, Sol and Jacob, a couple weeks and absolutely loved their vision!! Looking forward to the smart scoop.


    100% human-grade ingredients from certified sustainable and responsible farms and gently air-dry them under 30 °F / 86 °F in organic 100% green energy powered manufacturing.

    We calibrate recipes so that digestible carbs would be eliminated to minimum.

    And yes, we do add extra healthy super-fats and super-foods.

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  • The Farmer's Dog

    Fresh, healthy, human edible dog food, delivered
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  • Healthy Dog Food


    Find amazing healthy recipes & treats for your dog of any age. These are balanced & homemade dog food recipes which are Vet Approved.
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  • Chippin Silver Carp Daily Dog Food

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    The first wholly nutritious dog food that helps restore balance in our waterways. Chippin’s Silver Carp Dog Food is crafted from an overpopulated yet untapped superfood: silver carp. It’s a digestible, clean, omega-3 rich fish sourced from USA fishermen.
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  • ChewCheck

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    The color, consistency, and shape of a dog's poop contains tons of information on how they are feeling, and the health of their gut. Dog owners can upload a picture of their dog's poop, and receive personal health tips from our AI.
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