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Make money from virtual events hosted on Zoom
Stream is the easiest way to promote, monetize, and livestream virtual events for your audience.
7 Alternatives to Stream

Ensure your Zoom event will be a success!
In two minutes you'll get:
✨ A Personalized Event Website
📱 Beautiful Social Sharing
🔒 Built-in Security
💌 Reminders for Guests
📈 Event Analytics
💻 One-Click Join Event from Browser
💰 Paid Ticketing (optional)

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Sick of sharing those generic Zoom video call invites that all look the same? Wish your Zoom link preview's headline and image actually described your meeting? Want to protect your Zoom calls from trolls by making attendees RSVP to get your link? has you covered. Launching today, Zm...
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Cent is where Creators + fans earn income together. There are 2 'mechanisms':
1) 'Seed a Creator' and get rewarded.
2) 'Spot' a post, and show you like it.
Both put your money where your mouth is.
Try it out. There are a lot of amazing artists to support.

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Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid.

Fans pay you a subscription amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences & behind-the-scenes content.

Predictable income from your patrons means you can create on your terms. No strings attached.

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The Verge
Patreon is how thousands of artists, vloggers, musicians, podcasters, and other creators make their living. The six-year-old startup currently supports more than 100,000 creators, who receive recurring donations from over 3 million supporters, and it has become the center of a growing ecosystem for supporting creators online.
Musicians used to be able to rely on record sales to keep them in business, but in the past decade or so those numbers have dropped off a cliff. Consequently, a number of different revenue streams have suddenly taken on new significance.
In an era where art is shared and streamed for free, Patreon offers new hope for turning content creation into a career. Illustrators, comedians, game makers, and musicians use Patreon to let fans pay a monthly subscription fee for special access to their work. In exchange, Patreon takes only a tin...
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Current is an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets you choose how to stream and pay for your media.

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Hello, Everyone! Earlier this week we announced that we will be doing an AirDrop of $4 million worth of CRNC tokens to our amazing community in lieu of our upcoming public token sale. We're really excited about the future of Current and your outpouring of support - and we want to answer all of your questions!
You know all those annoying Youtube ads that you must sit through when watching your favorite videos? What if you could be paid to watch them? Enter Current, the platform that aims to reward you for listening to and creating the media that you want -  on your favorite media platforms such as Youtube.
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Millie is a mobile app for charitable giving. Each week, we match you with new nonprofits personalized to your giving habits and you choose where your philanthropy dollars go with a simple swipe.

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Fast Company
When you open the new charity app Millie, you'll see the profiles of three organizations that need funding. Each has a picture and quick description to court your interest. If you feel drawn to one, simply click to learn more, and then swipe right to make a donation.
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