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Top alternatives for Stockflare's Ticker Bot

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  • Equiplore

    Equiplore is a tool that allows you to chart out stock/crypto prices along with Google Trends. It can help you find some valuable insights and shows you the dynamics between hype on google and correlating change in stock price.
    Do you want to impress your girlfriend’s father so bad you participate in a sing-off? Prove your worth in Friday Night Funkin and sing to th…See more
  • StockTwits for Slack

    Fun, real-time stock quotes in Slack
  • StockDock

    Live stock prices right in your macOS Dock. Updates every minute. Start with: AAPL, AMC, AMZN, FB, GC=F, GME, GOOG, NKE, MSFT, NFLIX, TSLA, TWTR, more coming soon
  • Ticksy

    Finance Twitter 💸 is ever growing and cashtags are frequently used to talk about stocks.

    🚀 We created this extension because we want to make the experience of using stock cashtags on Twitter much richer! 💰
  • ClosingBell on Slack

    Join thousands of teams getting stock quotes on Slack. Fetch quotes from your Slack group with the /quote command.
  • Reddit Stocks

    It's annoying to have to switch tabs to check stock prices as you browse Reddit. With the Reddit Stocks Chrome extension, you'll see stock prices and percent change from the previous day for the stocks in each of the posts on the page.
  • Stockshark

    Our real-time machine-learning algorithms read and categorize thousands of news articles and social media to identify which stocks are the most talked about.
    Stockshark Detected the Gamestop short squeeze 1 week before shares rised by almost 1000%.
  • Algo App

    Inspired by a recent heavy binge of Billions, I thought it would be ɴᴇᴀᴛ to be able to see, for example, what buying $1000 in Apple in 1998 would be worth today. So I made a tiny little web app to do just that.