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Get notified through Slack/email when your website is down
Top StatusOk (Open source) alternatives
Bird Eats Bug
Perfect bug reports every single time
  • WebGazer is a website monitoring platform leveraging serverless infrastructure to deliver affordable service.

    We check if your website is up as it should be and notify you if anything goes wrong. You can choose to be notified via e-mail or Slack (phone call and text message notifications are coming soon).

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    my hosting provider never tells me the real uptime. Webgazer is the real face of the mirror

  • The essential tool for checking if a website is up or not
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  • Ping

    Ping is a beautiful Linux monitor app, it supports linux-based systems too.

    It allows you track your Linux servers' status easily. You only need to add your Linux servers to Ping using SSH account and Ping will show metrics.

    No dependency required, no deamon required.

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  • We all know that there are many projects around that die out because nobody maintains them, mostly because the main maintainer or creator doesn't have the time to do so any further.

    Maintainers Wanted is a platform created to act against this trend with the help of the Open Source community.

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    Great initiative and I look forward to see what the community will be taking advantage of this

  • DownStatus

    Outages and downtime status reports
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  • Desole

    Desole is an open source error-tracking system you can install in your AWS account. It enables organisations to track application exceptions and errors without having to choose between the convenience of software-as-a-service and the security of a self-hosted solution.

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  • The most customizable Salesforce Gong in Slack
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  • Fuse Open

    Fuse Open is the entire Fuse Platform, tooling and premium libraries available free and Open Source.

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  • Website peace of mind.
    Haark keeps track of all of your websites and makes sure you’re the first to know if they’re down.
    Developers and project teams alike use Haark as their early warning system so they can be on their A-game with clients.
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  • Cabot

    Get alerted when services go down or metrics go crazy
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  • Toriii

    Torii helps you find Open Source events,Programs and Organizations.
    For beginners it is hard to get started with open source, that's where toriii comes to help. it helps in finding open source events and programs not only that you can even find issues with it and contribute.
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  • WebCheck

    -You create an account and put a website.
    -then the app will check it all every minute
    -it gonna notify you when your website is down.
    -register a log about the website status and the reason.
    -you can solve the problem immediately! without losing traffic.
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