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Make daily standup meetings quick and easy!

10 alternative and related products to StandupTime

Dailybot for Slack

Product management bot for daily stand-up meetings on Slack

Hey! I'm your new team assistant.

I'm here to help you and your team do daily async follow-ups.

I connect to your Slack, talk to your team and will give you a sweet dashboard with reports, metrics, and search.

*Totally free! no monthly fees, no subscriptions, no surprises!*

Priyanka Mukherjee- Product Manager
You know grandma how you have to wake up every morning and write those refrigerator notes of tasks that need to be completed... and you put it on the refrigerator so everyone can see... this tool is like that refrigerator for us at work.. we write notes and provide updates on our tasks... and instead of sticking it onto the refrigerator, we put it up on this… See more
Nowadays, there are many task management and productivity tools that can be used along with your team, making it easy to fall in the trap of having too many of them and repeating work. You can even end up using those which don't really add any value.
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Simply reply to an email every day to update your team

Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
iDoneThis can send you a message at the end of the day reminding you to write down what you've done. If you use GitHub, they can also pull in all your commits. As your working, if you write good commit messages and tag your builds/versions, you'll be documenting with each commit.
Tadas Labudis- Founder of Prodsight (Intercom Insights)
it emails you daily to ask what you've done and then compiles that into a diary shareable with a team.
6 Alternatives to IDoneThis

Slack Scheduling App by

Schedule, view & change your meetings right from Slack.

This Kono Slack integration can help you:

* Set up a team meeting right on Slack

- @kono schedule a meeting with @jason and @michelle this wed

- @kono set up a quick call with @ali tomorrow

* Set up a meeting at a specific time

- @kono schedule a meeting with @emi at 3pm tomorrow

- /kono set up a meeting with @emi at 10am next Friday

* View your work calendars without leaving Slack

- @kono what do I have for next week?

- /kono show my events today

* Make changes to existing meetings

- @kono change the meeting with @kay tomorrow

- @kono cancel my meeting with @lucas today

Why Kono is awesome?

* Kono finds optimal days & times regarding your teammates' contexts

* Providing buttons & pull down menus for incomplete commands.

* Allow cross-communication between emails & your Slack! Sync with your own calendars.

* Enjoy scheduling unlimited number of meetings for free!

As you are using Kono, Kono learns more about you!

It's powered by

Once you add Kono bot to your slack workspace( See more
Ta-dah! It's finally here! Our very first scheduling bot on Slack! Our entire team is thrilled to launch the open beta of our Slack bot, and wanted to share how we decided to build the bot and what you can expect from our new product.
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