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Tweetdeck for all your social apps

Stack is a mac application for all your social media web apps.

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Open-source decentralized microblogging platform

Mastodon is a social network based on open web protocols and free, open-source software. It is decentralized like e-mail.

Amaël Sikel- Aspiring Android developer
I think I'm addicted...
The Outline
Last week I asked my followers on Mastodon, the 14-month-old open source social media service that has been billed as a nicer version of Twitter, what advice they have for new users.
I have been on Twitter since 2008, accumulating nearly 100 thousand tweets and an inexplicable following of 42 thousand people. I tweet a lot, and I tweet often. My engagement is high. I drive decent traffic. I have been called "good at Twitter." I am not sure this is a correct assessment.
6 Alternatives to Mastodon

Boxy for Twitter

A gorgeous Twitter client for Mac 🐦💫

Gorgeous Mac client for Twitter, based on the mobile Twitter website. It has a beautiful and minimal interface, a convenient standalone Tweet composer, and it supports common macOS shortcuts. It also has a status bar icon for quick access.

Yasss, using a Twitter for Mac app that's great, sustainable, scalable, and comes out soon. 🙌🙌🙌 A great app for daily needs is such a nice small life improvement.
9 Alternatives to Boxy for Twitter


Create a custom Twitter experience.

Guillaume Bardet- Working on
For Twitter specifically, Tweetdeck is fantastic!
Mehdi Toualit- Webmarketer in Montpellier (France)
Customize and enhance your Twitter experience.
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Try Tweetdeck. Should work better than the regular twitter app.
12 Alternatives to Tweetdeck

Better TweetDeck

Make TweetDeck even better with emojis, thumbnails and more

Better TweetDeck is a browser extension allowing you to improve your experience on TweetDeck.

See thumbnails from more than 25+ websites, add emojis to your tweets, improve the UI of TweetDeck, use regexes to filter tweets, and so much more.

Mike Bracco- Product at JibJab
Lots of awesome tweaks to TweetDeck favs include a more compact column mode and of course showing Instagram photos in-line ;)
13 Alternatives to Better TweetDeck

What is the best desktop app for managing web applications such as gmail or messenger?

Zviad SichinavaIn love with creative problem-solving ✌️
Station - One app to rule them all
"Manage everything in one place."
IM+ for Mac - The messaging app for all your messaging
Franz 2.0 - Desktop app for Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Messenger
"It's clean and easy to use"
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