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5 alternative and related products to SQRL

Save $1 for every 1000 steps you take

SQRL helps users build a habit of walking 10k steps a day and save $1 for every 1000 steps they take. You fund your own savings from your checking account into your own savings account.
OKR goal-planning and execution management software
5 Alternatives to SQRL

We're making fitness FUN with squat for lympo. Just place your phone on the floor or on a table and start squatting. Using computer vision A.I. the app will detect your squats automatically through the front facing camera.

You should be rewarded for exercising. Earn Lympo, a health and fitness cyrptocurrency for doing squats.

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It's barely the middle of January and we've got our first "why did they invent that" cryptocurrency token project of the year, " Squat for Crypto." Hearing the words "squat for crypto," the first image that popped into my head was a bunch of hooded coders with pixelated faces doing their thing in illicitly acquired accommodation.
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