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22 alternative and related products to Splash Drone

Splash Drone
Waterproof drone and waterproof camera gimbal that floats
22 Alternatives to Splash Drone

The 4K Drone that Flies Itself

Hover 2 introduces an entirely new drone experience giving you gorgeous shots of your life from every angle with unprecedented ease. Innovations like Optical Radar and cutting-edge A.I. enable industry-leading obstacle avoidance and tracking features. Imagine your shot and let Hover 2 do the rest.

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3-axis gimbal stabilizer for your mobile

DJI Osmo Mobile is a tool that lets you capture every moment like a professional cinematographer. Shoot smooth videos, incredible timelapses or just stream live and share with your friends.

Tony DeFranco
Tony DeFranco- FotoFreeze
I'd recommend this if you have an iPhone 7 or 7+. The footage IMO looks better than any GoPro and is stabilized. I've been using one for a while and love it!
Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
DJI Osmo Mobile is a must-have if you want some stunning mobile imagery for your outdoor shots.
14 Alternatives to DJI Osmo Mobile

A new way to use, stabilise and protect your camera

ONYX is the first additively manufactured and protective three-axis camera gimbal. Its revolutionary new design, advanced materials, and manufacturing techniques allow it to be incredibly lightweight, intuitive to use and helps protect your camera.

15 Alternatives to ONYX

Anamorphics, filters, and cases for your drone

Introducing Moment Air. Anamorphics, filters, and cases for drones Juicy flares, true black bars, and that wide screen can now capture drone shots with a cinematic quality. Drone flying will never be the same.

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Check out The Anamorphic Drone Lens Here! Becki: Kraig: Music from: (AMAZING for youtubers) My 2019 Kit for Filmmaking & Photography: Favorite Camera: All around Lens: Compact Lens: Favorite Mic: Better Mic: Small Camera: Small Camera Vlog Lens: See more
Doddle News
As you probably know, I dig the guys over at Moment Lenses. They are obsessed with bringing fine quality cinematic lenses to the mobile platform. From their Moment Pro app, Moment lenses for your smartphone, and the Moment Filmmaking Kit, which includes their groundbreaking anamorphic lens, Moment taking mobile filmmaking to that professional level that turn… See more
Here's something new for your drone: Have you heard of anamorphic lenses? Moment is introducing a new product line called Moment Air. It includes an anamorphic lens for your DJI Mavic 2, ND and CPL filters, and an ultra-thin photo case for your phone that fits in your DJI Remote Controller and allows you to mount an anamorphic lens as well.
Digital Trends
Moment Air is the latest project from Moment, which includes an anamorphic lens for the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the Mavic 2 Zoom. It also includes ND and CPL filters for the camera on the drones and the lens, as well as an ultrathin iPhone case that works with Moment's M-series mount.
Moment is known making advanced external lenses that take your smartphone photography to the next level. Last year I tested out the Moment anamorphic lens and continue to buy Moment photo cases when I pick up new phones. Today, Moment launched its latest Kickstarter campaign to bring the anamorphic experience to the air.
GeekWire See more
The Verge
Moment is expanding its line of add-on camera lenses beyond smartphones for the first time with a Kickstarter to launch an anamorphic lens for DJI drones. The lens clips on to DJI's Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom and works with each drone's existing camera.
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