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3 alternative and related products to Snappy Checkout

Snappy Checkout
Collect credit card payments with Stripe & PayPal
3 Alternatives to Snappy Checkout

Recurring payments with two lines of code

PayHere is a simple subscription payments platform for startups and indie hackers, saving you lots of development time that you can better spend on your own product features.

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Ben came to us wanting a SaaS payment integration with minimal effort - like any other startup he didn't want to waste his development budget building something that is not core to the problem he's solving, subscription payments. With PayHere Ben was able to get recurring revenue integrated with his platform in a matter of hours!
I am wide awake, everything that runs through my head has put an end to any resemblance of a normal sleeping pattern for quite some time. This upcoming week is particularly interesting, my wife is one week overdue with our first child and my business partners and I are launching our first product, PayHere, on Product Hunt this week.
As part of running our software development agency we often advise clients to use off-the-shelf software when they can. This means their budget can be spent on truly delivering value to their business.
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