Alternative products to Serverless 1.37

7 alternative and related products to Serverless 1.37

Serverless 1.37
Toolkit for building serverless applications

Focus on business logic, not servers. Serverless has become a movement about faster development and creative empowerment.

7 Alternatives to Serverless 1.37

Application operations platform for serverless

IOpipe is an application operations platform built for serverless architectures running on AWS Lambda. Through the collection of high fidelity telemetry within Lambda invocations, users can quickly correlate important data points to discover anomalies and identify issues. IOpipe offers tracing, profiling, metrics, monitoring, and more.

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The New Stack
At AWS Summit this week in New York, IOpipe has gone into general availability with version 1.0 of its Lambda monitoring tool now launched and has stepped up to becoming an advanced tier partner with AWS. IOpipe builds on the serverless premise that, while there are still servers, they become less of a worry for ...
One common thread among emerging enterprise technologies is that early adopters can quickly find themselves flying blind, stuck with monitoring tools that weren't built with that tech in mind. Serverless development looks like it might turn into one of those technologies, and Seattle's IOpipe has raised $2.5 million to build out a monitoring tool for develop… See more
Serverless applications are all the rage right now - and some companies are even leapfrogging containers to go all-in on services like AWS Lambda and Azure Functions. Unsurprisingly, these services are now spawning their own startup ecosystems. IOpipe, which is coming out of beta today, is an application operations platform (with a current focus on monitorin… See more
1 Alternatives to IOpipe

Rapidly build and run serverless applications is a PaaS to rapidly build and run serverless apps. We are a fully managed cloud based development and collaboration platform for internet-scale applications.
With zero administration and auto scaling infrastructure there is absolutely nothing to install, download, and manage.

7 Alternatives to Backbench

Bringing serverless to containers

Run stateless HTTP containers on a fully managed environment or in your own GKE cluster.

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Two of the biggest trends in applications development in recent years have been the rise of serverless and containerization. Today at Google Cloud Next, the company announced a new product called Cloud Run that is designed to bring the two together. At the same time, the company also announced Clou...
The New Stack
One of the most exciting launches from Google Cloud Next 2019 is Cloud Run, a serverless environment based on containers and Kubernetes.Cloud Run comes across as a clusterless and serverless container execution environment. Some attendees even compared it with AWS Fargate and Azure Container Instances.
Google Cloud Blog
Today, we are announcing the beta availability of a new serverless compute offering called Cloud Run that lets you run stateless HTTP-driven containers, without worrying about the infrastructure. Cloud Run is a fully serverless offering: It takes care of all infrastructure management including provisioning, configuring, scaling, and managing servers.
6 Alternatives to Google Cloud Run

Track costs and fix your serverless application.

Epsagon is the only monitoring tool you need to troubleshoot your serverless applications, find bugs and prevent cost spikes.

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Oct. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- , a serverless application monitoring company, today officially unveiled its end-to-end visibility and monitoring platform for serverless architectures. Using distributed tracing and AI technologies, companies can now gain insight into application performance to rapidly remediate bottlenecks and significantly r… See more
Epsagon, an Israeli startup, launched today with a new serverless tool that helps customers monitor infrastructure, even when they don't know where or what that is. That's the nature of serverless of course. It involves ephemeral resources. Developers build a series of event triggers an...
6 Alternatives to Epsagon
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