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SeedInvest alternatives and competitors

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Startup Investing, simplified

Top alternatives for SeedInvest

The Snowflake Startup Challenge
Win investment & global exposure. Up to $1mil in 3 startups.
  • Datastarta

    Datastarta is a database of 3150 angel investors to get seed funding. It will save you months researching people who can invest in your startup

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  • DreamFunded

    Access to pre-screened Silicon Valley startups
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  • AlphaStreet

    AlphaStreet provides the latest stock market, earnings and financial news. Get earnings transcripts, earnings calls, events calendar, SEC filings and more.

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  • Newchip App (acquired by KingsCrowd)

    1 review
    The Newchip Startup Marketplace app has been acquired by KingsCrowd, Equity Crowdfunding's #1 Independent Rating Service. Newchip is now the Newchip Accelerator, click to learn more about funding.

    I'd like to meet other people that are interested in B2B tech investing.

  • Investor Scout 3.0

    1 review
    Investor Scout is an investor CRM and investor database for founders to raise their funding rounds. Investor Scout has 37k+ investors complete with angel investors, angel groups, venture capital funds, and private equity funds.
  • Business Angel List

    7 reviews

    Business Angel List was created to help entrepreneurs cut through the most tedious and gruelling task of launching a startup: finding Angel Investors with direct contact information.

    We give entrepreneurs a deeper understanding of who theyโ€™re reaching out to, by providing a ready made list of potential Angels that are furnished with their professional email address and information of their business background. This list also adds value to startups outside of the mega tech hubs, who will now have a leg up to the playing field.

    Filter the Angels you'd like to see by location (city or country), the company they work for (or broaden it to the the industry they're involved in) and customise your pitch by gaining a deeper understanding of their business history through their LinkedIN Profile. All investors self identify as Business Angels, consolidated from various investment networks!

    California: 1,007

    New York: 884

    Boston: 478

    United Kingdom: 1,060

    India: 775

    Australia: 440

    Germany: 335

    ..and over 200 more locations worldwide!

    Product Hunt users are eligible for a $15 off discount, with the code PH15. Exclusive for our first month from launch!

    Pumped to see how this evolves. Sourcing investors is SUCH a pain. Hopefully this will cut down on the amount of time this takes for startupโ€ฆ

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  • Wealthsimple 2.0

    Smart investing made simpler (and prettier)
  • wealthX.ai

    wealthX.ai is app that simplifies investing.
    Designed to crank public company financial reports and picking the companies that have the best metrics and are undervalued at the moment.
    Did we mention its super easy to follow our recommendations?
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  • Angel Database

    3 reviews
    Worldโ€™s largest database of 13,000+ Angel Investors!

    For me as an enterpreneur I always a challenge to find A-investors, usually I used my own network, but it is a limitation, now I see that inโ€ฆ

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