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11 alternative and related products to Richie Invest

Richie Invest
An app that lets you invest with your friends

Richie is a social Investment platform developed for millennials by millennials. Create an investment goal with your friends & save together.

11 Alternatives to Richie Invest

Investments of the rich, now available to all

Rally Rd. lets anyone buy/sell equity in the things they care about. After funding 35+ Collector Cars + active trading, we're expanding into other asset classes. Our newest offerings include a 1st Edition Harry Potter, a Honus Wagner T206 Card, and more. 🚗

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Ever wish you could buy a share of a 1994 Lamborghini Diablo worth $600,000? A slice of a $400,000 Honus Wagner baseball card? Or a stake in a first edition of Jack Kerouac's On the Road worth $40,000? Financial technology startups are making it possible.
Rally was started nearly three years ago with a simple goal - let anyone buy/sell shares in things they care about. We've made great progress with classic cars, our first asset class. While many recognize collectible assets as important pieces of history, few are aware that many have had strong histories of appreciation.
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Invest in blue-chip classic cars like stocks

On Rally Rd. you can invest in blue-chip classic cars, starting at about $40 per share. Users can purchase equity in classic cars, hand-selected by a team of industry experts and securitized (turned into stock in a company) so a new breed of enthusiasts can now participate in this exciting alternative asset class.

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A new investment app lets you put a classic 1955 Porsche Speedster in your stock portfolio. Rally Rd. is a first-of-its-kind marketplace that allows investors to buy an equity stake in classic cars they've only dreamed of.
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10 Alternatives to Rally Rd.

Trade shares in classic cars, just like the stock market

Rally Rd. is a platform for investing in SEC-registered collectible assets, starting with classic cars, with no minimums & no commissions.

Today, we're launching Trading Windows - the open-market buying & selling of shares in individual cars. Starting today, investors will be able to sell their shares... or buy into offerings that they missed. 🚗

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Warren Buffett once said that "If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die." You don't need to be a financial genius to figure out why rich people tend to get richer while poor people are likely to remain poor.
Savvy investors know the adage - diversify your portfolio. With Rally Rd., that can include a stake in a 1983 Ferrari 512 BBi or a 1955 Porsche 365 Speedster Rally Rd. isn't your typical Manhattan investment firm. Its 15 or so employees slouch in T-shirts and baseball caps in front of their computers.
9 Alternatives to Trading Windows, by Rally Rd

Invest on your terms. Buy stock by the dollar.

Everyone hates the F word- that's right, finance. But Stockpile wants to help you conquer your fear of the market.

Stockpile offers fractional shares so you can invest the amount of money you want without buying a whole share. Are you sure you can afford NOT to invest?

Try it with $5 of free stock!!

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Fintech startup Stockpile is transforming the way people access the financial markets and has the potential to disrupt the stock brokerage industry with its groundbreaking innovation. The Palo Alto, California-based company has made it possible to buy gift cards for stock in stores, and it also offers ultra low-cost brokerage services if you want to buy and … See more
Stockpile Co UK Ltd
A Fidelity-backed venture capital fund is betting on a startup that aims to persuade children and young adults to buy pieces of big-name stocks at their local retail chain.
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Stockpile, a brokerage popular with millennials focusing on fractional share stock investing, has raised $30 million in Series B funding led by Fidelity backed Eight Roads Ventures, with participation by Mayfield, Arbor Ventures, Hanna Ventures, Wang Ventures and others. Stockpile will use the new funds to bring stock investing to more millennial customers a… See more
Explore the software, services, and tools that Stockpile uses in their stack, including products for Marketing, Sales and BD, Customer Support and Success, and Developer.
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Connecting real world events to ETFs

The Arkera app delivers only the most relevant real-world events connected to exciting investment opportunities.

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Arkera is a free app which has daily curated investment stories from our expert in-house team! We even suggest the ETFs that are best suited for you to invest in the stories. Theres also a companies & influencer tracker for those more interested in single stocks 🚀
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The ultimate stock tracking tool to maximize your returns

TipRanks Smart Portfolio is an innovative stock tracker app that brings TipRanks’ comprehensive data capabilities and powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms into one simple platform. Users can access key data points and find fresh investment ideas all within an app that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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TipRanks Blog
is now offering a first of its kind mobile app. This is the ultimate stock tracking tool to manage your investments and maximize your returns. Join millions of investors to get new investment inspiration and portfolio analysis every day.
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