Alternative products to RescueTime for Slack

7 alternative and related products to RescueTime for Slack

RescueTime for Slack
Automatically update your team with what you’re focused on
Automatically see what your team is working on and let others know when you’re focused - Create custom statuses (with emoji!) for your most common tasks - Automatically trigger DND when you're focusing on meaningful work.
7 Alternatives to RescueTime for Slack

Track how you spend your time. Privacy-focused & open source

ActivityWatch is a cross-platform automated time tracker that helps you track and understand how you spend your time on your devices. It is different in that it keeps all your data private, is completely open source, and built to be extended and hackable.

Erik Bjäreholt
Erik Bjäreholt- Founder, ActivityWatch & Thankful
If you want to track your time in great detail and have requirements on things being open source and privacy-focused, I think this is your only option.
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ActivityWatch Forum
Something missing that you want built? Discuss and vote on new features here!
ActivityWatch Forum
It's time for another development update! We are sorry for the long delay in our development updates, but infrequent updates also mean larger updates. The last development update was written about half a year ago, so we have a lot of things to share!
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6 Alternatives to ActivityWatch

Simply reply to an email every day to update your team

Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
iDoneThis can send you a message at the end of the day reminding you to write down what you've done. If you use GitHub, they can also pull in all your commits. As your working, if you write good commit messages and tag your builds/versions, you'll be documenting with each commit.
Rhonda Fairman
Rhonda Fairman- Periwinkle Media
It's simple to use, really quick to note things down, emails you a summary at the end of the day.
Tadas Labudis
Tadas Labudis- CEO & Founder of Prodsight
it emails you daily to ask what you've done and then compiles that into a diary shareable with a team.
9 Alternatives to IDoneThis

The simple, lightweight alternative to team status meetings.

Celebrate what you accomplished this week!
What Got Done is a simple, lightweight tool for sharing progress updates with your teammates. At the end of each week, write a short summary of everything you got done. It sure beats boring status meetings.

Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch- Founder and Developer
That's an exact description of my tool, What Got Done. It's free to try the weekly updates, and you can get the email digests in the Pro version.
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At my last job, status meetings with my manager were outstandingly efficient. He never ran me through the typical drill of listing list off everything I did since our last meeting. Instead, we jumped right to the meaty topics of career growth, team development, and challenging technical problems. How did my manager have the right context so that we could ski… See more
7 Alternatives to What Got Done
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