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Remote Year brings together groups of inspiring professionals to travel, live, and work remotely in different cities around the world for a year or four months.

Top Remote Year alternatives
Google Workspace
Collaboration tools loved by billions
  • The first global co-living subscription

    Stayed at Roam Ubud (Bali) last Spring for one month and absolutely loved it.

    -The coworking space on the roof overlooks the Balinese jungle…

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  • WeLive

    Furnished, flexible apartments by WeWork
  • Outsite operates coliving/coworking spaces around the world. For just $99/year you can now access Outsite's global network from NYC to Hawaii (with more locations coming soon) at member's rates, as well as an active community and great perks!

    (Disclosure: I'm an advisor) I've seen Outsite evolve since 2015, today is last day of my month-long stay at their NYC location. I had a gre…

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  • Remote Stash

    A directory of resources for remote workers and nomads
  • Outsite for Retreats

    Team retreats and offsites as a service
  • #TradeForDesign

    #TradeForDesign connects creatives and business owners that want to exchange their services instead of money. We believe that anyone has the potential to change the world, and design can help them to achieve their goals. But, sometimes the people that need the most, don't have enough money to invest in it. That's how the project was born!

  • The Remote Life

    Travel the world & work remotely with 30 interesting people
  • Caravanserai

    Global Co-Living Subscription for Nomads (pre-launch)
  • Remote Year, the leader in the work and travel industry, is bringing you on a Journey—an opportunity to put your typical day-to-day life on pause to allow for transformative personal and professional growth over the course of two weeks.

    Pursue your unique purpose in Valencia, Spain or learn how to take your job remote in Mexico City, Mexico with people, places and programming that inspire remarkable change. Come chow down on paella and tacos or sip on sangria and mezcal with us!

    We’ve guided more than 1,000 freelancers, entrepreneurs and full-time employees through their quest to build a future defined by purpose, freedom and adventure.

    Journey's are an awesome way that people can experience what it is like to be a part of the Remote Year community! It's a hyper condensed ve…

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  • A global network of coliving/coworking spaces, a connected community, and curated services designed to make location flexible living easier.

    Overall, a solid online and offline community for a digital nomad.

  • We’re folks behind the XX and Wefunder and we’re opening up a room to house and feed (free food!) engineers and designers visiting SF for free. Why? All four of us living in this house are founders and just like being around cool people.

    Everyone is really knowledgeable and no matter what you're working on or trying to get to, the team at XX / Wefunder is super helpful. Also …

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  • Unsettled is an intentional travel community for those who embrace uncertainty and value meaningful human connection. Who believe that feeling a little bit “unsettled” is a positive impulse for change, innovation, and discovery.

    Went on a FANTASTIC trip with Unsettled and plan on doing a few more this year! Great people / community. Great price to have the logistics …

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  • Take a break from the office and work remotely alongside a community of professionals in a new exciting country for 1 month. Destinations is the newest offering by Remote Year, known for our flagship 12-month around the world program that launched in 2015.
  • flOasis

    9 reviews
    flOasis.io allows you to book and share unique stays for connection, wellbeing & productivity.
    🌿Inspiring Stays
    ‍💻Remote Work Friendly
    🏄Communities & Activities
    💡Easy & Safe Booking
    🤩Weekly & Monthly Prices
    Stays are tested & approved by remote workers!
  • Off The Grid

    Off The Grid organizes groups of up to 30 people for 1-2 week trips around the world. The catch: it's completely phone-free. You show up, trade in your smartphone, and spend time with a group of inspiring people who share a passion for self-improvement. You get a real experience without the pressure of being plugged into the internet.

  • RemoteDream

    1 review
    RemoteDream is a platform that helps you find and book hotels and hostels that are ideal for remote working
    Ideal locations feature
    - Quality work spots
    - Coworkings
    - Community of likeminded people
    - Excellent WiFi
    - Surf Spots/ Beachfront / Terrace / +
  • CrossWork

    CrossWork is a Slack community for remote workers. For discussion, support, and sharing successes in a common environment.

  • Summerlist.io

    Hi! I created Summerlist to help travellers like you escape the cold rainy weather. Soon after moving to Amsterdam, the short, rainy, gray days started getting to me, so I created this app to help me find warm locations throughout the year. Hope you enjoy it!