Remitr Global Business Account alternatives and competitors

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Remitr Global Business Account (GBA) offers USD, GBP, and EUR accounts, that slash the cost of international sales. GBA is designed for eCommerce stores, Exporters, and SaaS companies that get paid by customers abroad, or via platforms like Stripe or Amazon.
Top Remitr Global Business Account alternatives
  • Mercury is building banking for startups. Sign up in under 15 mins for a checking account, debit card, full suite of payments, and cash flow analytics all wrapped up in a great UI. Run your company on a bank that’ll help you scale
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    There are plenty of options in terms of banking for US residents. However, Mercury supports non-residents and this makes it a unique offerin…

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  • Lance

    14 reviews
    Lance is the business account that puts your money on autopilot. Set your stacks, and watch your income get auto-allocated toward salary, savings, taxes, and expenses — just how you want. Best part? Lance pays your taxes (to the IRS), and your salary (to you).
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  • PayPal for Business

    Stay on top of your business wherever it takes you!
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  • Better than your bank account.

    ✅ Free GBP and EUR accounts

    ✅ Free international money transfers

    ✅ Free ATM withdrawals

    ✅ Hold and exchange up to 26 currencies for free

    ✅ Spend globally with out transaction and exchange fees

    ✅ Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum

    Revolut has saved 1M+ customers over $160 million in hidden fees.

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    Due to a bug in their chat software, it is impossible to get an account. A conversation ensued over Twitter in which they absolutely flatly…

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  • Synder 2.0

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    Free options
    Automate bookkeeping and generate your accounting reports in literally one click to get prepared for the reporting period with ZERO efforts and NO extra spendings.
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  • NorthOne is a simple, fast, and beautiful business bank account.
    It takes under 3 minutes to open a NorthOne FDIC-insured business checking account and get access to fully mobile ACH, wires, check deposits, and access to >300,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide.
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  • Holvi

    Online banking rethought for small businesses
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  • ANNA Business Banking

    ANNA Money is the business account and tax app for small businesses and freelancers. Swift to set up, ANNA manages your invoicing, expenses and tax returns, and comes with a debit Mastercard® too.
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  • Memo Bank

    Memo Bank is the bank we wish we’d had by our side in our previous endeavors: a bank that values entrepreneurs, that understands them and is equipped to help them.
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  • FirstBase is a company dedicated to promoting business in the worldwide economy.

    FirstBase serves clients in countries all over the world—from Russia to the Far East, Africa, the Middle East and beyond.

    We have made it easier than ever for tech entrepreneurs to start a business in the U.S. and establish a bank account even while abroad.

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    Such a revolutionary solution for all the entrepreneurs around the world who think about opening a company in the US. Highly recommended!