Alternative products to Pulse Metrics

9 alternative and related products to Pulse Metrics

Pulse Metrics
GDPR compliant web and mobile analytics made simple
Pulse is an all-in-one analytics solution that works across web, iPhone apps, and Android apps. It takes the same 2-4 minutes to setup any of these apps with Pulse. Each metric comes with a description, you'll never sit confused at a dashboard again!
9 Alternatives to Pulse Metrics

Jesper Thomschutz
Jesper Thomschutz
Automated free website checker - totally awesome, and highly recommended!
Craig Davison
Craig Davison
Get monkeys do do it for you 😛 They allow you to do a free test or you can pay to have more monkeys testing your website at once (but at the moment everything's free)!
18 Alternatives to Monkey Test It

Clarity by Microsoft is a web analytics product for webmasters. Session replays and heatmaps powered by AI and machine learning.

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The Next Web
To help webmasters understand how visitors interact with their sites, Microsoft has launched its new Clarity analytics tool in beta today.
Clarity is a web analytics product which enables website developers to understand user behavior at scale. This service allows website developers to understand how users are interacting with their sites and identify improvements that will lead to optimized engagement, retention and conversion. The initial release supports playback of recorded user sessions, w… See more
34 Alternatives to Microsoft Clarity

Over 1 million people use our software to know what’s important and popular on their websites. We don’t collect personal or invasive data about your users, nor do we use cookies, meaning you don’t have to show pesky notices to users about cookie tracking.

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There is no shortage of modern, flat-file CMSs out there. Every day it seems like another one has launched. So when we set out to redo the marketing site (this site) for Fathom, it was a bit of a hunt to determine which was best.
8 Alternatives to Fathom Analytics v2

Agaze is a simple, straightforward website analytics tool, with an emphasis on data privacy for you and your users. The tool can be used as an elementary alternative to Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

7 Alternatives to Agaze

Volument is a new take on website analytics that focuses solely on conversion optimization — the fine art of getting more leads, users, virality, and paying customers. You cannot get this data anywhere else.

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Volument Inc. / Analytics designed for conversion optimization
Comparing the differences between general analytics and specialized analytics and focusing solely on how they help you with conversion optimization. Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Google Analytics is a free service with tons of value. It offers over a hundred analytical views about your visitors. Volument is special-built analytics for conversion optimization.
Volument Inc. / Analytics designed for conversion optimization
Eight days ago, after years of eager development, we finally launched our product on Hacker News. The days that followed were honestly the most depressing days of Volument.
I wish there was a lower price brackets for smaller side projects / app etc. Something like a "pay-as-you-go" sort of price, as in, 50$ per 10000 views but not capped to a month.
10 Alternatives to Volument
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