Alternative products to Point: AI email snippets for Gmail

4 alternative and related products to Point: AI email snippets for Gmail

Point: AI email snippets for Gmail
Reply to your emails with the speed of a robot
Point helps you quickly write messages. It learns from your writing and provides sentence and email suggestions in real-time.
The best part? Minimal setup required thanks to our AI.
Other benefits? You can quickly teach your teammates how to reply to emails.
4 Alternatives to Point: AI email snippets for Gmail

Simply reply to an email every day to update your team

Rhonda Fairman
Rhonda Fairman- Periwinkle Media
It's simple to use, really quick to note things down, emails you a summary at the end of the day.
Tadas Labudis
Tadas Labudis- CEO & Founder of Prodsight
it emails you daily to ask what you've done and then compiles that into a diary shareable with a team.
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
iDoneThis can send you a message at the end of the day reminding you to write down what you've done. If you use GitHub, they can also pull in all your commits. As your working, if you write good commit messages and tag your builds/versions, you'll be documenting with each commit.
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Reply to Slack messages via email. Stay focused.

Designed for folks who need to use Slack but:

+ have internet speed or data limitations, or

+ have an established email-based workflow.

Made by Nicki Vance (@wootbeep, and Kevin Lynagh (@lynaghk,

Around the web
On the design of Stop Slacking, which lets you interact via email with the poor souls trapped in the endless, no-agenda meeting that is Slack. In 2018 May Nicki Vance and I spent a month traveling around New Zealand's South Island via camper van.
To minimize my data usage and increase my productivity, my partner, Kevin, and I built a reply-via-email service for Slack (a chat app used by many businesses for internal communication). Stop Slacking sends you an email when you are mentioned or direct messaged on Slack (the important stuff) and then posts your reply to Slack.
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