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Pocket for Web
Save things for later with Pocket, refreshed with a new look
35 Alternatives to Pocket for Web

Jake Tran
Jake Tran- Jr Product Designer
Save all kind of links. Have reading mode as well as different layouts (even moodboard layout). Use folders and tags to organize. What more can you ask
Joshua Galan
Joshua Galan is so underrated!
Max Yakin Bozek
Max Yakin Bozek- Artist & Designer
Probably raindrop is the best. I've been using it for years after Delicious was spoilt. And still it never let me down, I always recommend it to edit, organise and manage large collections of bookmarks.
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It's very difficult to imagine a world without bookmarks. Besides the built-in bookmark option in you web browser, there is a whole variety of services, such as Delicious, Pocket and Keeeb, that let you bookmark images, videos and other awesome things you find online.
Cult of Mac is a new bookmarking service for Mac and iOS, and the web, and Android. It lets you save your bookmarks into folders, known as Groups, and those bookmarks are then available from anywhere. The main selling point of seems to be the slick interface, and the myriad beautiful ways you can arrange the bookmarks therein.
NDTV is a beautiful, powerful - but also slightly confusing - bookmark manager. Most of us probably use the built-in bookmarks mangers on our browsers, but they are fairly limiting. For starters, even if you sync them across devices, your bookmarks are not accessible outside the browser.
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Cross-device bookmarking powered by artificial intelligence

Jordan Schau
Jordan Schau- Founder, Pure Cycles
I really dig the content tagging automatically.
Gary Ng
Gary Ng- Code.
Using this.
Scott Williams
Scott Williams- President, Emisare, Inc.
Stash is really solid for simple and elegant sharing of links and collection of links.
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The internet bookmark aspires to be the digital equivalent of the sticky note you paste on an important page in a college textbook. But that's where the metaphor falls apart. If the internet is a college textbook, it's an infinitely dense one, where every chapter covers a different subject, and someone has stuck a sticky note on every page.
There are a number of ways to save links from the web for later access, whether that's marking articles to read later via apps like Instapaper or Pocket, pinning shopping inspiration to Pinterest, creating playlists on YouTube or even just using a browser's bookmarking feature.
Field Guide
Artificial intelligence is being used to power everything from messaging apps to Bluetooth speakers, so why not apply similar smarts to your web bookmarking service? That's the idea behind Stash, available for your phone and your browser, and here's how it works.
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Allen lee
Allen lee- Founder of Wormhole
Clip everything on web! Pocket + lumio is my fav combo, period.
Attila Gajdics
Attila Gajdics- co-founder, lumio
I'm one of the makers of this app, so I'm definitely biased, but thought you should know about this chrome extension :) lumio aims to be a 2017-style bookmark that not only lets you save any piece of information, but also makes that information available exactly when and where it is useful for you - e.g. via integrations and exports. It aims to be a note-tak… See more
Justin Mitchell
Justin Mitchell- Keeping remote teams in sync @ Yac.Chat
Nominee for Golden Kitty, amazing design and awesome product
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Redesigned and optimized for iOS 9

Joe Pour
Joe Pour- Head of Product at ClickView
I have used Instapaper for many years now and it is one of my favourite products! The best thing about Instaper is it's ubiquity; you can save to a folder from literally anywhere! It also removes all the noise (adverts, promo links etc) and lets you read the article in a clean and simple format.
landen- Student at Lighthosue Labs, Toronto
Instapaper is my preferred alternative to Pocket for reading lists. It's completely free, and there's all these really cool hidden features, like a speed reading mode, and IFTTT integration so I can sync my highlighted text to an Evernote document. It has less features than Pocket, but still does everything I could ever want.
Peter Kringdon
Peter Kringdon- Content Strategist / Designer
I like to use Instapaper for all my reading. You can send newsletters to Instapaper via email or even set up a filter to do it for you. Find your custom read later email address here:
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Mohanad Yajouri
Mohanad Yajouri- Product Designer
If you already use Inbox, this extension might be great for you. Any URLs saved with this will automatically go under a "Saved" label. And when you share via email you get the perks of a multi-person discussion at no extra cost :) Also, because these saved links are treated somewhat like emails, you get to treat them like tasks: mark them as done, or snooze… See more
9 Alternatives to Inbox by Gmail Chrome Extension

Bookmarking and note taking. For free.

Kollate is a bookmarking and note taking tool. Think of it as a much better version of Pocket, Evernote, and Google Keep combined. This is the last personal knowledge management tool you will ever need. For free.

Suraj Keshri
Suraj Keshri- Founder,
Kollate allows you to bookmark and take beautiful. It's free and definitely worth trying.
Suraj Keshri
Suraj Keshri- Founder,
It's the new kid in the block. Kollate is more of a personal knowledge management tool. Currently, there is no collaboration feature. Think of it as Pocket + Keep + Evernote. It has the best note taking browser extension that no other tools mentioned above offers. You can even take screenshots and add it to your note while you are watching a YouTube video. G… See more
Suraj Keshri
Suraj Keshri- Founder,
This is the only browser extension for both bookmarking and rich note taking. Think of it as Pocket and Evernote combined. I always wanted to have a good personal knowledge management tool so I built this. Please check it out.
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Sebastian Schipper
Sebastian Schipper
Works in the browser
Mucahit Gayiran
Mucahit Gayiran- CEO & Co-Founder @ Artboard Studio
This is great for bookmarking and saving. They have browser and desktop versions also.
Jimmy Sundjaja
Jimmy Sundjaja- Tech Net Lover
I started bookmarking with raindrop about a month ago and by far I think it's the best web based bookmark manager. Nice interface, fast loading, nested folder, lots of icon choices for the folders, and tag support.
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All the precious things you find on the internet.

Ovidiu- Designer & Co-Founder of Gemsmark
We just launched Gemsmark. This might be an option for you guys, if you need all the links in one place. You can stay organized effortlessly, just give it a try. Feedback is more than welcome! Happy gemsmarking !
Ovidiu- Designer & Co-Founder of Gemsmark
We just launched Gemsmark. This might be an option for you guys, if you need all the links in one place. You can stay organized effortlessly, just give it a try. Feedback is more than welcome!
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Copy and save web pages to your own personal archive

WebSatchel is a web extension that allows users to save highly accurate copies of web pages, store them on googles cloud and search for them on the WebSatchel website. Free to use and new users get 1 gigabyte of free storage. New features added regularly such as highlighting which allows for quick and easy referencing. Start saving pages today!

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Trải Nghiệm Số
WebSatchel - Capture and save web pages giúp lưu lại những trang web mong muốn vào bộ nhớ lưu trữ của tiện ích mà bạn có thể truy xuất bất kỳ lúc nào và nơi nào thông qua tài khoản.
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Social bookmarking for introverts

Scott Mebberson
Scott Mebberson- Founder @ focus booster
This is a quick, simple and reasonably priced way to bookmark if you want privacy and speed.
K  I  L  J  A  N  O
And there are many great apps, for both desktop and mobile, that integrate with the service. I found this two years ago and I´ve never looked back
Mohit Gupta
Mohit Gupta- Infrastructure at Clever
Always around and works as expected :)
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