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Plant Jammer
Build your own recipes using AI

Prep new dishes with Plant Jammer's easy dish-builder which combines artificial intelligence with core gastronomical principles such as balancing tastes, contrasting textures and building aroma complexity. Now you can create a recipe using what's in your fridge and never again have to search for recipes.

21 Alternatives to Plant Jammer

PixFood provides you with tailored suggestions on what to eat and cook! 😻

It all starts with you taking a photo of any ingredient you want to cook with, in the kitchen or in the supermarket. After the photo is taken, the app instantly sends you personalized recipe suggestions! 🎯

Check it out and share your feedback! 😎

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You are hungry but are too lazy to go to the supermarket?
Then try munchlab!
Tell munchlab what ingredients you have and munchlab will find the perfect recipes for you. You can also control the app with your voice (on Chrome) and in your native language.

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Real and authentic traditional vegan meals from all around the world. We want to stay healthy by eating vegan foods, but also we want to experience the full flavours that each culture has to offer.

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12 - Understand what you eat for a better life It has been 2 years where every month (or two) I learn about one new topic. It's what I call the Learning Lab challenge 🚀. These last two months I decided to learn about nutrition, a very broad topic trapped between the popular believes and the scientific papers.
Hi 👋! I am Patricia Mayo Tejedor, together with Sandoche Adittane, we wrote the book Tradivegan: Traditional Authentic Vegan Recipes from All Around the World. We are also the makers of What to Eat in , a website that helps you discover what locals eat all around the world.
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Almost 300 ingredients that structured by categories open 186 easy-to-view recipes. Just select your ingredients to find most matching meals. Combine them, discover the delicious meals and save your favourites.

There are NO ADS and it's absolutely free!

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7 Alternatives to Discover Meals

Fryup is a simple and convenient recipe bookmarking app. The perfect place to store and organise recipes you discover online. Save recipes directly from your web browser, share them and never lose them in bookmarks again.

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Popcorn Expert 🍿 uses TensorFlow machine learning engine to analyze popcorn making sounds.

Start your microwave and run the app - Popcorn Expert will recognize and count pops, and alert when it is the best time to stop the microwave. No more burnt popcorn!

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April is always a special month for us, as we use this time to visualize a better future for our planet. In our latest issue, we bring your our vision of a nation that is safe, sustainable, happy and peaceful. We learn more about sustainable ways of transport with our excursion with local initiative Kuwait Commute.
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Clube da Pipoca
Quantas vezes você já tentou fazer pipoca na panela e ela queimou? Pensando nisso uma turma de desenvolvedores resolveu inovar na criação de um aplicativo para ajudar pessoas como você a fazer uma pipoca sem enfrentar este problema novamente. Ao app se chama PopCorn Expert.
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