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Plaid alternatives and competitors

A REST API for your bank

Top alternatives for Plaid

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  • Rutter Accounting APIs

    4.8★27 reviews
    Free options
    Rutter is a universal API for reading and writing commerce data across any accounting system, payment processor or ecommerce platform.
    Our new Accounting APIs make it easy to integrate with Quickbooks, Xero, Netsuite, Freshbooks and Sage with a single API.
  • Column

    Free options
    Introducing Column, the first and only nationally chartered bank built from the ground up for developers. We get you right to the bare metal of banking. Build your next financial product with Column.
  • Belvo

    Belvo allows fintech innovators across Latin America to access and interpret their end-users’ bank data. Belvo can help unlock the power of Open Banking through a developer-first API.
  • Fintoc

    Fintoc enables developers to initiate bank transfers and pull transactional data from their users' bank accounts. Whether an app wants to automate bank reconciliation or improve its underwriting process, Fintoc is the way to go in Latin America.
  • Wisefin API

    Wisefin is a powerful yet simple API that turns messy bank transactions into beautiful data: logos, merchant names, and more!
  • Tilisy API

    Tilisy API provides a developer-friendly way to access bank accounts transactions and balances. The data is retrieved through official APIs (aka Open banking APIs). Live in FI, SE, EE, LT (and soon more). And it’s free for bank accounts linked by developers.
  • Denarii API

    Single remittance payments API that integrates with over 20 other APIs.
  • Pluggy

    Free options
    API to enable applications to connect user bank and broker accounts and collect balances, transactions, credit cards, debts, investments, and more!