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Pixel Thoughts
60 second meditation tool to clear your mind

Pixel Thoughts is your meditation web space. If you experience any sort of anxiety, stress or depression, you can type your worries inside the moon and watch them fly away for 60 seconds surrounded by a relaxing music and background. Release the stress and clear your mind for a healthy life.

11 Alternatives to Pixel Thoughts

Meditation made simple in just 10 minutes a day

Aleksandra- Maker @ Planet:tech, Supergirls
Headspace has helped me create a good routine and motivates me to continue. I love the variety of options it gives you: whether you like guided or unguided meditations, have 5 or 30 min, it's easy to find smth that works for you personally. Especially great for beginners (like me). Monthly subscription is worth every cent.
Gianfranco- Onova, Marketplace for Ukrainian brands
Because meditation helps you keep you in balance
JesperBylund- Founder,
Headspace has practically saved my life. I'd pick this over exercise on general impact on my life.
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Take a break and meditate.

Calm is the #1 app for mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity, joy and peace to your daily life. Winner of Apple's Best App of the Year 2017. 🏆

Vijay Mandeep
Vijay Mandeep- SaaS Growth Marketer
For me, the name caught my attention. I started using Calm in 2017 when I came across it's Apple app of the year 2017 promotions. Since then I've been glued to using calm. What hooked me to it is its UI and a wide range of ambient music choices.
Olivia Milton
Olivia Milton- CMO @ Reply
Well, the ad looks great haha
Shamit Khemka
Shamit Khemka- M.D. - SynapseIndia
I've used this app both on Android and iOS. It's incredible!
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Album exclusives are nothing new in the age of Tidal, of course. But Moby's latest is taking a kind of circuitous route to the world's mobile devices. The electronic artist has released his latest, Long Ambients 2, as an exclusive through the Calm meditation app. The album dropped over the we...
Calm, the meditation and wellness app that launched back in 2012, has today announced the close of an $88 million Series B financing with a valuation of $1 billion. (We have not been able to clarify whether the valuation was post- or pre-money.) The funding was led by TPG Growth, with participation...
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The best free meditation timer, redesigned

Kirthika Soundararajan
Kirthika Soundararajan
So many meditation resources. There is one for every kind of need, practices, etc.
Agata Krzysztofik
Agata Krzysztofik- Head of Growth @Groove
I tried several other meditation apps mentioned here and none is as good as Insight Timer! The huge advantage of Insight Timer is their global community of meditation and mindfulness teachers that publish their sessions and courses there. Profit-oriented meditation apps such as Calm or Headspace get a lot of media coverage because of the investment they rais… See more
Dovile Sinke
Dovile Sinke-
Has a bunch of free meditations (in fact 1200) to choose from. Easy filtering dependent on length, voice (female or male) and music/no music. So far I've found this is the largest free guided meditation database in an app!
5 Alternatives to Insight Timer 1.5

A transformational hypnosis app for personal development

The Attention Shifting app is a personal development resource with audio programs based upon NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis, meditation techniques, binaural beats, brainwave frequencies, and guided imagery and visualization to help the listener experience healing, direction, purposefulness and personal transformation.

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A simple, distraction-free meditation timer

Minutes is a simple, beautiful, meditation timer for android.

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Last year, I found myself affected by all the conundrum around me, I realized that I stopped looking at myself both physically, mentally and spiritually. Somewhere I lost the connect I had with myself and my surroundings. I wasn't clinically depressed or entrapped in the spiral of anxiety but I was standing on the edge.
A tool that assists with meditation should be distraction free and simple. We made Minutes for ourselves, mostly out of necessity. We looked at the android market for an app that did only a few things but did them well.
I was on my way back to India from Nepal on a cold October night, in a government bus which was on its last legs. My feet were cramped between two people for almost 12 hours without much movement.
Rating and price
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