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Your Read it Later's printed & delivered as a newspaper
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Your all-in-one product research platform
  • The Paper is a weekly newsletter covering past events through the lens of the newspapers. Each issue covers one event from history and contains curated newspaper articles from the day it happened, reproduced in an email.

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    For history fans and those wanting to see how we handled notable events in the past. Without such perspective, Santayana suggest, we'll be d…

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  • Screenbreak

    Our extension transforms any online article you want to read into a format that's designed for paper.
    📦 Create collections and have them delivered to your door as paperback
    🖨️ Time matters? Just print-at-home
    For all the never read "read later" articles.
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  • Newspaper Club

    Make and print your own newspaper.
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  • Reading Queue

    An opinionated take on what should be a simple, minimal, but efficient reading app, for people who declared Pocket/Instapaper bankruptcy.

    It only shows the first article in your queue, forces you to decide whether to read or archive the pages you saved, one at a time, and encourages you to let go of the old articles you procrastinate reading.

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